Life skills for the road !

The roads of Bangalore present scenes that are far from scenic !

Platform skills are skills that every public speaker must have. But that was in a different era. Today, Platform skills are essential life skills that bike riders in Bangalore have ! And some of them excel in it !

As bikes, cars, autos stand & inch to inch (Not ceding an inch to another. Respecting the gap as though it was the international border between Pakistan and India. Sorry. Disputed International border !) bike riders take to the platforms. Or pavements. And once they are onto the platforms, they zip, and if you are a pedestrian, God bless you !

The other element is the number plate in a non-Alpha-Numeric script.

Similar number plates will hit your eye in Tamil Nadu & other staes too. Crazy. Isnt it ? If such number plates are to be taken as bonafides for ‘passion for a language’ , the argument flies low !

But crazy? Smart perhaps. If this guys knocked somebody down, you will need some drawing skills to note down the number. Now do you have it in you ?

So, the next time you want to drive around here, two skills that can come in handy: Platform skills and drawing skills !

11 thoughts on “Life skills for the road !

  1. priya says:

    Kavi: Here you can see a lot of crazy name plates too. Once when I passing thru’ NJ, I came across a name plate in Englishbut a tamil name as “poda dai”. We just cudn’t stop lauging and had a good fun.

    One day we will be watching name plates in all Indian languages making us go crazy. You are tagged:))

  2. the best is when we have unformity. But then people get bored after a while and get creative at the same time…hahahah…

    We have uniform number plates here. But in America there are vanity plates. you can even put your own name if it is approved.

  3. Thanks for the education. I’ll make sure to remember this when I go over there at some point. 😉

    how are you?

    I have some good news! It’s small but I will post tomorrow!

  4. Mark IV says:

    well, as a motorist in heart and mind, i see no wrong. after all pedestrians encroach upon our land all the time. moreover bangalore is the city of the fearless (lived there for almost a crazy year)- either people are ignorant of the fact that they being mortals CAN ACTUALLY DIE or least get hurt if the vehicle the jump before chooses not to brake (break?), or are just real brave about death and after life…

    throw them in iran- make them fight the americans AND the arabs at one- they wouldn’t really even know the difference


  5. guess I will have to have a camcorder attached to the front and rear of any vehicle I drive, if I ever drive in India..

    Dont think I have the drawing skills.. too many Jaangiris on that license plate.. my mouth is watering.. let me go raid the fridge!


  6. Kavi,

    Shame on the road users and the Government as well. Those who abuse the system should be punished. Lingusitic fanatic Governments should understand that there is more in this world to concentrate rather than encouraging people to be more fanatic.

    You have beautifully mentioned the current traffic situation in B’lore. I laughed at the way you have written circastically about the number plates. Good journalism ! I liked your post. Please expose such things in your own style. Keep it up!

  7. KK says:

    Hey Kavi, Hope you are doing fine.
    Yeah accept what you say. people also use the opposite side to drive these days if the other side is fairly empty.
    Rules are to be broken accepted but here rules seem to be minced.

  8. The worst is when there is a traffic jam…you know there is no way out…and people from right behind your ear starts honking!!!

  9. Swatantra says:

    In Delhi to drive on bike u need one more skill, how to drive in non lane…

    The worst thing here is the car people don’t leave a space for the bikers.. I had a terrible time one day going with my brother on bike..

    I realized how bad the car people drive on the roads….

    You have a wonderful eye of catching interesting pictures!!

  10. pravin says:

    Crazy bike driving happens everywhere. From cities to towns. The only place where it doesnt happen is in villages because the road-width:vehicle ratio is greater.

  11. Kavi says:

    Priya : Poda Dai in NJ ! ROTFL ! And yes, thanks for the tag ! Will work on it ..!

    GP: I dont think one should get creatve with number plates ! It affects less creative people like me !

    Aviana: Thats some good news ! congratulations and all the very best ! Stay tuned !

    Mark: Hmm ! Eye for eye will get us all blind mate LOL LOL 😉 !! Well, well. You are bang on ! Knowledge that they can actually die seems to be absent !!!

    Sundar : Camcorder will serve a limited end. Think GPRS, Jammers, beamers, Multiple dimension mirros, alarms…etc ! Atleast until you get used to here !

    Balaji: Thanks for the words of encouragement ! I am glad you enjoyed them. I wholeheartedly agree: There is more to the world than encouraging fanaticsm of any kind

    KK: Well said ! Rules are not broken ! They are minced here ! Huh !

    Life Rocks : Oh the horns ! Oh boy, tell me about it. I have had angry glares from riders (huh) who honk with no end in mind ! Especially so when i choose to ignore them. With great difficulty ofcourse !!

    Swatantra : Thank you ! As usual, your appreciation keeps me going !

    Pravin: Thats true ! When will we all go back !!

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