My first trip to Kolkatta !

Kolkatta has been on my ‘to do’ list for long. Finally, i could check it out ! And was it interesting. This is a kind of photo essay. Clicked from my phone and the camera. Now it is no sophisticated lens or mega mega pixel stuff. It clicks and captures. So !

Before you ask “is that Kolkatta“, well, hold on. This is Raichak. A 2 hour drive from Kolkatta. The river Ganges flowing just beyond the trees is a magnificent site. A river flowing, is still as sight to see. Quite a sight in India ! The ffort ( the first f, i am told by a steward, stands for ‘false’) is a Radisson property.

Now, does that look like Kolkatta or does that resemble the mediterranean !?! The best facility though, was the magnificent Ganges ! Running away into the Bay of Bengal. I took deep breaths. The air surrounding the Ganges must clear you of your past sins they say. Hmm ! It was just an awesome sight.

On the way back, i absorbed parts of Kolkatta. Observing the similarities and the dissimilarities of the world that i know better in South India. People and the modes of operation caught my attention. People are akin to people who you find in South India. With lungis, banians etc.

I found this strange tri-cycle used. An MUV of sorts. It can transport goods. But then, people can also sit and take a journey. Hmm !

Shades of blue seem to ubiquitous on the roads. Be it autos, buses etc. Blue and yellow is a combination that i could spot all too often. The other element that caught my eye was the artistic design of the windows to buses. Quite archaic but retains an old world charm. That seems to be all pervasive. The modern competing with the old. And co-existance !

And oh ! The yellow ambassador. Thats the car of Kolkatta. Present everywhere ! Pleasant place. Lovely people. And a great trip. Alls well with world !

14 thoughts on “My first trip to Kolkatta !

  1. Keshi says:

    Love the song…one of my favs.

    Kolkatta seems like a beautiful place…great pics Kavi!


  2. after seeing the first few snaps, I was not sure if it was in India. Almost has a middle eastern feel .

    if you can click these photos from a cell phone camera.. I can only but wonder!!!


  3. who is on the tricycle?

  4. visit my blog sometime

  5. Sriram says:

    Looks like Calcutta is improving without SEZ…the cycle rickshaws now have pedals instead of that medieval push-cart kinds.

  6. pria says:

    I call it as my second home town coz enjoyed living ther. Don’t bother about crowd and garbage, coz its ther every where. You will enjoy every bit of spirit in this city.

  7. Mark IV says:

    i should be goin to kolkatta next month early… im just really skeptical… not too in with OLD WORLD stuff… but the pics sure look promising (the first set at least!)

  8. kolkata looks super, certainly the medditeranian type…

    Hope you work went well sar.

  9. AVIANA says:

    hi sweets!

    thanks for stopping by! how are you?

    beautiful pics. have a great weekend!


  10. Kavi says:

    Keshi: Yes its a wonderful place ! The picures didnt capture all !

    Sundar: Its a lovely place. Esp, Raichak ! LOVELY And the phone is just handy. You speak some. Click some !

    Chronic Writer: Welcome here ! Thanks for stopping by ! And i like your place..

    Pria: You lived there..! Oh ! how lucky ! The people are so vey engaging ! No wonder you are. !

    Sri: Oh yes man..! That is the alternate insight that i wasnt thinking of ! LOL !

    Mark: Have a great trip mate. It is a wonderful place ! Wonderful !

    GP: Ahhh ! Work…Well it went well !

    Aviana: Thanks ! you too !

  11. Swatantra says:

    Lovely pictures!!

    The fan with the staircase is the best..

  12. Neelakantan says:

    Calcutta is one funny city. The only place in India where you can make a period movie without any difficulty. Tram to cycle rickshaw to vintagebuses to metro, everything is there. Even the prices are like the 1970s…

  13. Shiva says:

    Beautiful pictures. Getting nostaligic of those 3 months of introspection at Calcutta. I liked the people a lot, for their simplicity and rationale.

    Did you visit Dakshineshwar and Belur Maath?

  14. Kavi says:

    Swatantra; Yes ! The pictures are good ! The place was better ! Great infact

    Neelakantan: You are bang on ! I saw them all ( except for the metro) and it seems to be a peaceful seamless co-existence. Which is all the more intriguing

    Shiva: Their rationale and reasoning was of great intrigue. And very down to earth too !

    I was on an official visit. In and out. Will have to plan the places you mention for some other time

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