Of Fathers Day & snakes !

Snakes have formed an quintessential part of Indian & Chinese culture.While the Chinese use it in the kitchen, we find them in every other room! The room that a now celebrity snake chose some days back was the bedroom. Whose bedroom ? Well, stop thinking of names like Khusboo and such other film stars. Thats for the movies. They are now tired of them i guess.

This time it was that of Deve Gowda, former prime minister of India. These are excerpts from a news item on the front page of the Times of India 15th June ’07. It was almost like bit by bit account in a Bond movie. A hilarious one at that ! And by God, please read the consequences !

Deve Gowda’s hissing guest causes flutter.

A nearly six foot long rat snake pushed the political establishment into a tizzy by not only entering the former PMs residence in Padmanabha Nagar but also staying in his bedroom for two days ! The first hint came on Wednesday when Gowda, during a telephonic conversation with PM, got a jolt when some books & a few articles fell off the table in his bedroom.

As the incident happened on the eve of amavasya (newmoon day), Gowda was nervous. But he slept unaware of the snake in his bedroom. It was only around 6 PM on Friday that Gowda sighted the snake…Alarm bells rang loud, the family members were evacuated. While Gowda was wondering whether sighting the snake was a good or bad omen, his personal staff and police started a hunt.

The snake tried to slink off……People for animals volunteer Sharath caught the snake cowering behind Gowda’s portrait on the table. While Gowda and his family were relieved, fear took over fellow politicians. With Gowda’s family known to believe in superstitions, the questions that started doing the rounds in political circles were, “what does snake on a newmoon day signify ?” “Will he ensure power is transferred to BJP?” While some ministers called astrologers to find answers….

On the way home i have seen this ant – hill. For sometime now. We are used to seeing snakes reside in such hills. Well, in movies that is. I have also seen milk, eggs etc getting poured into such ant hills as a means of worship to the snake God ! This particular ant-hill has started getting attention. It is already sporting some images of the Gods. What next. Temple ? Movies ? Stardom ? Or perhaps, now, Z category security !

Well, i almost missed the whole point. I wanted to write something about Fathers Day. And ended writing about the snake in Deve Gowda’s home.

Coming to fathers day, writing about Deve Gowda can be as close as it can get !

10 thoughts on “Of Fathers Day & snakes !

  1. AVIANA says:

    Hey Sweets!

    Hope you are well! Yeah it’s an odd post if you meant to do one about father’s day. 🙂

    hope you had a nice weekend.

    have a nice monday and thanks for stopping by!


  2. Keshi says:

    odd post for Fathers Day indeed lol!



  3. manuscrypts says:

    hmm, the ex-PM must be quite a charmer, huh? 😉

  4. pria says:

    Deva Gowda for father’s day??? C’mon Kavi…. no way:))

  5. Velu Nair says:

    snakes and father’s day… lol!
    it made real interesting reading, however!!

  6. Kavi says:

    Aviana..: Yes, the weekend was good..And the stopping by, well thats natural i guess !

    Keshi : 😉

    Manu: Charmer with snakes in his home !

    Priya: The award you conferred on me makes me take up ambitious projects in writing. This was supposed to be sarcastic writing ! Taking a dig at the old man petting and paving ways for his son.

    Fell flat I guess ! i have to work on my skills.. 🙂

    Velu: yes..it was hilarious..! Front page. Remember !

  7. Swatantra says:


    Reading in the newspaper is not much fun as reading your post!!

  8. Snakes and life in India. My mom was always worried whenever we left the doors opened fully. We had fields and open grounds behind our house and hence this fear. Once a snake entered our tenant’s portion and went around the neck of our tenant. He got up in his sleep and screamed….”Bla…ba..ba…ba…” and we all got up and the snake went away. The sad part of snake is that it is always afraid whether it will be killed. But on seeing it man is afraid whether it will kill him. I have seen plenty of snakes in my life. If they happened to be dangerous snake and we had killed them, some trespassers will stop and throw stone and hit the dead snake with a stick and walk as if they killed the snake. LOL.. Imagine the scene.

  9. pria says:

    Kavi: It was all humor the usual way;) Donno worry. Just can’t digest DG thaz it.

  10. Shiva says:

    Funny. Just reminded of “Mark of Vishnu” a short story by Kushwanth Singh.

    The last sentence relating father’s day and Deve Gowda is really witty.

    Enjoyed the post Kavi

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