Sivaji. The Boss. The Movie. Point # 1. Point # 2

I watched Sivaji. (The Tamil film. The most expensive film in recent times. The first tamil film to be part of UK top 10. The first tamil film with 600 prints. Yes..the Rajinikant starrer. that one).

Had to write about Siva
ji. Looked like this space would have missed an important part of history ! So. A post.

Before you proceed further, here are two important points that would hold throughout this post, that i will frequently comeback to.

Point # 1: This is not a film review about Sivaji. Competent people have filled blogsphere with reviews. ( to be read as “I-will-consciously-stay-away-from- reviewing the film)

Point # 2: I am a fan of Rajini !.

Ok. Here we go. Refer Point #1.

This post is about the everything else. Ok ? Kamal (my brother. before you allude to the other Kamal) wrung in some tickets. Blessed be the soul who got us the tickets. The neighbours & friends were subtly told. “We wont be available Sunday morning” looking forward to the question, “where are you going?”.

If no question came, subtly was thrown to the winds with an added statement was, ” It isn’t everyday that we get to watch Sivaji”. The close circle in all parts of India, US and Europe were informed. The last time, such scale of information went around, was when we bought a home ! Whew !

Ok. Refer Point #1. This post is about the everything else. Ok ?

The posters were in Kannada ! For a moment we didnt know if it was a Kannada print that we were to watch. A merciful clarification came. There was the odd black marketeer. The masses of Rajini fans ( Refer Point # 2). Benagalis. Punjabis. Malayalees. Kannadigas. Man ! This was like national integration.

All coming in to watch a tamil movie. This was AVM’s 100th year. And then of course, the Star was launched on screen amidst catcalls, whistles, hoots ! I can well imagine what the first day must have been ! So we watched and watched and watched. Stop. Refer Point # 1

As i laughed, squirmed, squirmed more, laughed more, relished and more, (in no particular order / intensity), i realised that Rajini’s skills lay in reaching out to a mass and doing things that THEY would like to do. Root out black money. Subjugate villains. Knife in a minister etc ! And oh, by the way, dance with damsels in exotic settings ! Kind of satisfying a deeper need. SOME deeper need. And boy, he oozes style. (Disclaimer. Refer Point # 2)

It was break time. I overheard two non-tamils in the mens room. While keeping other conversation under wraps, respecting the unstated ‘non-disclosure pact’ of the mens room, i am compelled to quote these lines. Profound Lines !

Man 1: “What is vaaji?”
Man 2: What Vaaji ?
Man 1: “Vaaji, Vaaji, in the song..”

Man 2: “Oh..! that..Sounded like Bhaaji…i guess they must have the expression wah-ji..”
Man 1: “Oh ! Wah-Ji as in Hindi. Maybe they included it to get in audiences in other places”

Cut. Cut. Movie Starts again.

We watched and watched and watched and watched. I squirmed less. Laughed more. And had a good time. (Refer Point #2). What costed the 100 crore bombshell, i thought. All the glass sets. The glasses, the solar panels, the second hand cars etc that were broken ? Rajini’s hairdo. Shankar’s marketing. Money paid to all news channels. The prints. What ?

They did seem to have been cost conscious! Sample this. The scene opens to a Rs. 25 lac Honda CRV. Rajini plus heroine are inside. Other cars pull up. Lights are dimmed. Battering starts. Rajini is still in the car. Supposed to be same car. And begins to fight back. The car takes a battering. But, Only this time the car is a Rs. 6 lac Mahindra Scorpio!
Ok ok. Stop. Refer Point # 1

Oh yes. Finally, the MMS clippings were put to good use. After all the negative publicity that MMS clippings got, this is a good break. The film must surely affect the fortunes of chewing gum, fair & lovely, mahindra scorpio..!

Movie over. We walk out. There are smiles all around. I notice some combinations. As we queue up to the exit, holding the steering wheel, i look around at the cars queueing up. Young. Old. Men. Women. Children. Oh the tribe ! Software Engineers.

I am told that Cognizant Technology Services has booked shows for all its employees. Must be employee-engagement..( as in You- Come – back – from US and – start – something – you – better – learn – martial -arts) or that type of thing. How cynical of me !

We drove to Kadambam (supposed to be an Iyengar joint) where they serve you pure vegetarian fare. I ordered for the family. Sakkarai Pongal ( Roughly-Translates-To ‘sweet rice’). Puliyodharai (RTT ‘Tamarind Rice’). Laddoos. Polis. Rice. Pooris. Bhajis.

All rich. All in pure ghee. The cashier lumps in the money, and my wife looks at me with a “isnt this a delicious BUT too much, too rich, too fattening, too diverse…” look.

Hey, she was talking food. Nothing to do with movie ! Please Refer point # 1.

Professional Ethics !

Cool !

17 thoughts on “Sivaji. The Boss. The Movie. Point # 1. Point # 2

  1. Super style of writing, love the spacing…hahahah…the 3d style!

    Definitely the point of the movie is the cost. Come on, Shankar and sets, why? hes trying to fight with Yash productions? Product placement is supposed to bring back money…

    Okay, the fans will love it and the critics will continue to hate it and silently wish their own star is a superstar.

    Ponggal and Puliyodarai! oMG! my favourite.

  2. Swatantra says:


    Amazingly written.. I am sure if Rajini reads it he will love the way you have written…

  3. Yeah I wrote a post on this too…On the rush in Bangalore…Haven’t got to see ti yet…maybe next week!!

  4. AVIANA says:

    Well written..but i’m sure by being an american woman i missed some of the really funny parts that only Indians, Men and then Indian Men will understand…oh well… 🙂

  5. Harish says:

    hee hee…they could have spent better in finding a worthy script 🙁

  6. Keshi says:

    twas a GREAT movie. I watched it too..last weekend 🙂


  7. enna Kavi,

    Honda CRV and Mahindra scorpio are interchangeable.. even if he was suddenly locked up inside a horse drawn carriage and bashed a few guys it would still go without being noticed.

    it is not the vehicle that matters. It is the man bashing a few guys irrespective of vehicle, background setting etc. that matters.

    Jackie Chan shot Rubmle in the Bronx with snow covered mountains in the background.. some people complained that it was not New York. I didnt. When a guy is doing what he is best at, we tend to overlook these little details..

    glad you enjoyed the movie.

    will let you (also the whole world) know when I watch it.


  8. Mark IV says:

    the obese men with super star painting on their thoppai… thats what cost all the money: the mere disgust made the entire crew sick for 2 weeks, so had to cover the hospital charges… the over-exposure burnt the reels… the lenses couldnt take it…

    and wah-ji for sujatha’s dialogs!
    aadiseshan na pottu v echutu pongal saapadravan nu nenaichiya?
    illenge, yaara irundhaalum chutney vechitu daan pongal saapduvaange nu nenaichen

  9. Sriram says:

    I was one of the few fortunate ones to catch the movie on the opening weekend…what u said is true, this is for the first time that I saw a truly cosmopolitan family crowd watching a purely communal movie in a state of the art Multiplex. Truly “Glocal”! Also, the Scorpio becoming the proverbial scapegoat for CRV was an interesting observation.

  10. pria says:

    Point 1= Waiting to watch when I get back home

    Point 2= Mouthwatering recipes you had.

    Both are sweet and how can we miss it??

    1= 100 = Rajini fan:))

    Its always fun to watch his movies, style and he is a typical showman with punch in his words.

  11. I liked your way of writing. Especially the way you started about it, and the way you have ended it. You have a good way of putting it in writing. Good keep it up!

    Nice to know that you went to have food and found that it was too rich, too fattening, too diverse. As long as it has not affected the system it is fine. Always such costly food is just a hype and may not be good. We should be happy with even a handful of tasty food rather than such heavy rich food.

    Glad that such rich foods are made in South India too! This food will be talked until you eat another good food isn’t it?

  12. there was snow covered mountains in rumble in the bronx?! damn…i went to the first show, and a few shows did not notice it. after 10 long years?!

  13. shark says:

    he..he.. after all the-same-old reviews of it… this was certainly refreshing 🙂

    By the way I don’t like Rajini movies at all 🙁 Hope you will still be friends with me 😉

  14. Shiva says:

    Initially, I thought, unecessaary fuss and speculation is being given for a film. After seeing the opening and the facts (like what you have given) about Sivaji, I realized, Rajini is great phenomena. Repent for declining a few tickets I got for the opening show:(. He is making history. Congrats Fans!

  15. Kavi says:

    GP: Thanks for the compliment 😉 I did wish they paid more attention to the story line ! Anyway, about rumble in the bronx..Sundar has given news to me as well !

    Swatantra: Thank you thank you thank you..! I treasure your appreciation !

    Life rocks: I hope you get to see the movie soon. Its becoming a prestige issue of sorts 😉 And yes, i saw your post ! Cool !

    Aviana: Thanks ! Yes, the nuances are better understood by people here. Men and women…!

    Harish: Agree ! Agree ! Agree !

    Keshi: Twos company !

    Sundar: I take a bow ! Double bow. No disputes to what you say. Not even a murmur..!

    Mark..oh man ! That was so awful, that it made me squirm. They had pots, lions and what not on thier tummies and were shaking it all around. Eek ! And the pongal..LOL !!

    Sri: Yes buddy ! It was a como crowd with unprecedented heterogenity !

    Pria: Sample this..

    Sachin adicha sixer
    Sivaji adicha puncture !

    Any more punch dialogue..?!? LOL !comeback soon. Atleast to watch this !

    Balaji: Thanks so much ! I treasure your compliments.

    Oh the food…well, it stayed on the lips for 2 mins and i guess will stay on the hips for a lifetime ! But am working on it ! Yes, we should be content with simple food ! I agree.

    Shark :

    Point # 1: Thank you !
    Point # 2; psst…the boss..he doesnt mind !! We can be friends !!!;)

    Shiva: Yes..i thought so too. But then, it was RAJINI film ! and only he can carry these things through !

  16. Apun Ka Desh says:

    CRV becoming Scorpio! Good eye for detail man…

  17. Anonymous says:

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