The Vision Thing !

The Goa air reminds me of Mangalore. I guess the Arabian sea has a different charm. Quite different from the charm that the Bay of Bengal has ! I landed today and have been at work !

As usual, i picked up a conversation with the taxi driver. The scheduled taxi driver played truant and i found this young man called Raju. A very enterprising kid who sold me the ride in less than 10 seconds. As our conversation progresses, i find that he lives with his mother and younger brother goes to school.

He makes Rs. 4000/- per month driving the taxi. “During peak season time, it is higher” he says, but then, it is offset by the lean months like now. He drives well. He is patient, and is extremely helpful.

I ask him his long term plans. He cant understand. I say, “what do you want to do five years from now”. He looks at me through the rear view mirror with a blank expression. And says, ‘Maybe earn two / three thousands more”

I prod him further, ‘have you thought of things like owning a taxi like this and having others work for you..?/ ( just to give him contextual example). I could clearly see his eyes sparkle for a moment. Perhaps he imagined himself as the boss ! I dont know ! And then smiles, “Will you be interested in seeing other places..” A new conversation thread. End of the old one.

When people say, “its all in the mind” many a time i dont pay heed to it. But here was a live example. Able. Capable. Committed. Talented. Honest. Sincere. And willing to slug his butt out. He is HOT commodity in a market where people with such traits are a rarity. In a market which is driven by opportunity.

But then, all this without a vision will ensure 4000/- per month when there is potential for 10 times more. Perhaps a 100 ! Oh ! The vision thing !

7 thoughts on “The Vision Thing !

  1. pria says:

    May be he is satisfied with his living and don’t wanna struggle more.

  2. Jam says:

    I completely completely agree with the lack of vision statement that you’ve made at the end of the post.

    I guess that is what differentiates most of us who are sitting in jobs which enable us to put our best foot forward and give life and our jobs the best shot we can.

    Like they say short term pains for long term gains. But then this simple statement seems to be missing from most people’s minds, coz they are all for short term gains, which may or may not lead to long term gains.


  3. i would say….let him lead a simple life. these $$$$$ dreams have led to many a ruined mind and life.

  4. Keshi says:

    Vision n mission…both counts 🙂


  5. good one Kavi.

    You see in him something he cannot see for himself!

    but you are you, he is him!


    so many bright students who give up studies for various reasons,

    so many intelligent people who make choices because they cannot come out of their current comfort zone!


  6. Kavi says:

    My interaction with him ( although i captured only a portion of it here) suggests that the guy does have some desires of a good life, many years later ! But has no path to get there ! Somehow, i havent been able to put the full picture in i guess !

    Priya: maybe he is. However, Refer above !

    Jam: yes ! Short term pain for the long term pain !

    Sunshine: I agree that the blind pursuit of money has hindered many a person than helped. Plus, Refer above. Plus, one neednt have money dreams alone. Visions for self is stuff that can be all encompassing

    Keshi: Yes..i agree !

    Sunar: Absolutely ! I was just hoping he would see it. We are so firmly entwined in our daily living that the years seem infinitely long away ! What we do now, will make our future !!

  7. Swatantra says:

    What a wonderful example of Vision you have given… so inspiring!!

    I am sure this ride has paid him more than money…

    Keep it up!!

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