Mustafa. The Messiah !

The rain pelts its might in short intermittent bursts. Taking portions of the road as it runs off to the sides! Fluid remains. A mix of sand, dust, rain water, government apathy & human resilience. Mumbai in the midst of monsoon madness.

We are driving back from Mulund. The wet tyre finds an an invisible crater in the middle of the road, announcing the find with a thud that shakes the whole car and us. We continue to drive and not before long, Sudipto feels a drag in the steering wheel. We park on the side. The tyre is flat. The rim is bent. The clock shows 12.15 AM. The road is wet and soggy.

Sudipto calls Maruti service. And many other services. “As per policy we don’t send in vehicles for a flat tyre”. “Why don’t you do it yourself, i will give instructions to you on the phone” “Do you see any Petrol station nearby”…and such conversations continue. We look around in desperation.

About 5 meters from the car stands a man. A well dressed young man whose gold plated watch’s glitter catches my attention. Sudipto walks upto him and asks a simple question. “Could you help us out..?” “Where is the spare wheel, where are the tools” is the response. In 10 minutes its all done.

Going on all fours, on a wet and soggy Mumbai road is not exactly a pleasure trip. But then, the speed, professionalism and immaculate attention to detail in fixing the spare wheel hold me in awe. 10 minutes and we were ready to move.

Sudipto proffers money. The man refuses. Sudipto looks at me in disbelief. I look at the man in double disbelief. We insist. We really INSIST. He relents. We ask for his name and a permission to shoot his snap. ‘Mustafa‘ he says. I think aloud , “Mustafa, the messiah” ! Sudipto reads my mind and says, “thats a good title”. I smile.

I think back. He came from nowhere. He worked on the wheel with such professionalism that would have shown a professional mechanic in poor light. He genuinely refused the money ! For work done to a strangers car in the middle of a rainy night. With no other better urge than an urge to help. And do a thorough job at that ! He truly was our messiah.

That rainy Mumbai night. This post in celebration of such messiahs. Ordinary messiahs who stand out with simple yet extraordinary deeds.

While the world fights over messiahs who are dead and gone,
Messiahs like Mustafa make the world go on !

17 thoughts on “Mustafa. The Messiah !

  1. priya says:

    When you come across such good people, we think our life is complete with good deeds.

    Angels keep watching indeed and I believe that.

    Bravo to him and for a beautiful post.

  2. Keshi says:

    How nice of him! He’s definitely a hero.


  3. now we know why the world still keeps turning !

    at least that is what my grandma says.

    there is still that one among a hundred that does a good deed with no return expectation, she says!

    the ratio may now be 1:100000 but still..


  4. Swatantra says:

    I have read these kind of stories… now there is a real truth..

    I believe you paid in full by writing so beautifully about Mustafa…

    Must send him the photos!!

  5. Is that you Kavi with your Messiah?

    We too experienced something similar in Bangalore 2 years ago & I always felt people in Bangalore are so self centered till this stranger who was passing by stopped to help us get our car out of a ditch!
    Honestly It’s people like these who keep the world going!

    Another great post!


  6. Jeevan says:

    We come through such helping people in some of our struggle situations. We had a worst situation sometimes back in a remote village, there came a lorry with over 5 persons to help.

  7. Hello 🙂

    A beautiful post on an act of kindness by a stranger.

    By writing about Mustafa you have already done something good. The message of kindness and his good is spreading far and wide in the blogworld right now, right?

    Another way you can appreciate Mustafa’s kindness is by passing it on. Do something good to another stranger, in your own little way – without expecting anything in return!

    Good luck and cheers!

  8. Jam says:

    Hey there,

    Beautiful post.

    Stories like these make me wonder whether I would ever react like Mustafa did when he saw you struggle with a flat tyre.

    Simple belief in the goodness of human beings I guess is what drives and motivates people like Mustafa to do such good deeds.

    Like most other readers have commented, I guess it is people like these who still make the world go round, and make me believe that there is still hope for the human race as a whole, to co-exist in this bad bad world.


  9. there are still hope and honesty and open hearts in this world. We are lucky to have them, we must be them and we must tell of them. great post sar. May Mustafa be happy always.

  10. The Lad says:

    Messiah indeed…
    I cant change the damn wheel either..
    Lucky u..u gat him!!!!

  11. Kavi,

    That should have been a wonderful experience. Your thought of sharing such things is great! I was losing hope on this world for being one side in many times. I had been a Mustafa many times in my life not hoping any help from the concerned parties, but to continue it as a chain. I used to tell them, just do not thank me, but continue such thing to someone else. This is just a chain. I advise you the same thing. You need not change a flat tyre for someone. But could help someone when they need and let them do it to someone. For example I have been helping many people during my travelling 25 years before in India. One day my sister had to travel from Ahmedabad with her little son, who fell sick in the train. Having exhausted her medicines, she had to call for a emergency help. A doctor who was travelling in the train came to her help and diagnosed the child’s problem and prescribed medicines. Two bachelors who were travelling volunteered to buy those medicines when the train stood in outer for signals in the nearby junction, and went into the town to get those emergency medicines. It seems they said that they will rush in to the nearest junction, and if they do not turn up, asked the other passengers to pull the chain. They did return before the train moved. They saved my nephew’s life and helped my sister when she was in distress. My sister thanked them and has told about me to them. When I went to receive them in Madras Central, and I was overwhelmed to meet such people. I have never thought of any help in return while doing some help for others. Only then, I realised how helping others comes back to you as a chain. I thanked the almighty for everything and wished such good hearted people continue the chain. Now after 25 years, I am glad that the chain is still working. Let us all continue the chain.

    Mustafa you have motivated me again!

  12. Ashish says:

    Neat. Sometimes people do help you. Once I was driving a scooter home, when a man behind me stopped me at the traffic signal and showed me petrol leaking from my tank. For 2 km, he pushed my scooter with his leg until I reached near home (I was not supposed to start the scooter with petrol leaking). This was 10 years back, yet I still remember.

  13. shark says:

    Ah! The world surely is a beautiful place only because of such people 🙂
    Hats off to him…

    P.S: I liked the narration style.. it was different from the rest and was good 🙂

  14. Jeevan says:

    Kavi you are chosen as thinking blogger award! check my blog.

  15. Shiva says:

    Fortunate you! to have met a messiah.

  16. Rush says:

    killer post Kavi…mustafa mustafa, feel like singing for him!!

  17. I love how those small acts carry such a big impact. I’m a true believer in acts of random kindness and loved reading your account of one.

    How can I be more like Mustafa today?

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