When did you last…

Once upon a time, i couldnt live without a floppy. I was intrigued by why it was called a floppy. Was it something that had flopped as a product..? But then, pages and pages of stuff could be transferred in a second ! And man, was i impressed ! I thought, we had achieved great heights in technology transfer ! By the way, when did you last use a floppy ?

Once upon a time, every new cinema song used to come in a glass cage. The rustle of the plastic wrapper, is still fresh, as one strugged to open and PRESS the play button on the National Panasonic. Fresh Ilayaraja, Rehman, Floyd, kannadasan, micheal jackson…! I thought there could be no better bliss ! By the way, when did you last listen to song from a casette player..?

My first camera was a Yashica ( i think)… One had to manually wind it up. And i remember standing in queue to buy the ‘film rolls’. Each time after a travel, i used to have those snaps, with images as clear as my mind captured them…i thought that the film rolls were perhaps the worlds best invention. By the way, when did you last use a film roll…?

Once upon a time, dropping a letter at the post office at Tamukkam in Madurai was a routine chore. They used to have a huge red box for local letters, a green one for outstation letters and so on. When the post man came in to deliver mail, i would rush to pick it up. Who was it from, what was the latest news…? Every time, the chime of the post man’s bell would go, i thought we had achieved great heights in staying connected. By the way, when did you last post a letter…?

Our lives. How they change. How they move on…!

10 years hence, what will the next generation talk / think about..the iphone. or the ipod, or the internet or digital cameras..or…

Or life..

by the way, hope you do live life. Live as in LIVE !?! The rest is immaterial I guess !

I am sure !

20 thoughts on “When did you last…

  1. you need to start a new section on the sidebar called

    “goosebump posts”

    and this one would qualify.

    I am sure!

  2. Shiva says:

    Change and transformation, applies to them too. May be they are the forefathers of the new gen, children digicams, pen-drives, emails, digimusic etc.

  3. pria says:

    Kavi: How true we are dependent on the socalled net and miss enjoying loking for the letter/postman Wish to go back that way.

    I think my last paper written mail was almost ten years back.

    Really miss that. Nothing is enjoyable by reading those papers over and over again. You won’t believe, I still treasure my best friends letters back home very safe. I also have the habit of reading them when I am ther. Isn’t that a sweet thing to enjoy those beautiful moments….

    Have a gr8 weekend..

  4. Anonymous says:

    One of my favorite song Kavi. Love this group- Boyzone!!!


  5. Jeevan says:

    Hi dear kavi! I am back, after making u all to think what happen… I regret. how are u?

    Even though I left the middle two things, the other two helps me till today. Floppy saved some important word documents that I think it was lost to my old computer. The Red box helps to send the greetings to my friend who is in a little town in south.

    My last cassette I used was the Tamil film Gemini. People left many things, but we should never forget there important uses and the enjoyment we got from them.

  6. Oh man! its so true. I cant even remember my last cassette! And the camera…nowadays each time I c sumone with a film camera, my heart tugs. We can so far….

  7. So true.things keep changing constantly but we always remember how things were.I love the song you are oplaying.one of my favorites.

  8. Keshi says:

    what is that?

    lol ok Im kidding…I’ve used them too..I still hv some of em at home…for sweet PC fossil memories 🙂


  9. Jam says:

    Hey there Kavi,

    Am back after a brief hiatus (got married in the meanwhile 😉

    This post for sure brought back some lovely memories regarding all the floppies, film rolls, letters that I have used in the past. In fact, I seem to have wonderful memories for all of them.

    Am quite sure it won’t be too long before there is a similar post with i-pods, mobile phones, digital cameras, and probably even CDs and DVDs.

    Hmmmm…..food for thought !!!


  10. shark says:

    Floppy is surely gone with the wind 🙂 What is 1.44MB storage space?

    But the rest, I still use them quite regularly.. so do I live in stone age?

  11. I loved this post..I long to get a hand written letter or a birthday card these days

  12. AVIANA says:

    yea…the floppy disk seem so old age now…i found a whole bunch in my boxes and just threw them out…

    i’m almost panicked when i got my mac laptop in october when it didn’t have the floppy drive…when i asked the guy at the store before i bought it “where is the floppy drive”…he was like “umm..those are dinosaurs”

    i was like “ok” like i was some old-fashioned person trying to catch up to the new age and i’m in my 20s!!!!!

  13. GuNs says:

    Well now that you have typed it out, I realized I havent used any of these in a LONG time now. I should mention that I LOVED all three of these things beyond most others just about five years ago.

    Things have changed so fast in the last 5 years, its unbelievable.


  14. Kavi says:

    Sundar : Thanks..! Infact,it did give me moist eyes and goosebumps when i was writing !

    Shiva: Well said ! change and transformation occupy us all. And perhaps they are forefathers !

    Priya: Oh yes..! I am so nostalgic when i think of those times. And some of the best times are re-reading those letters that are in boxes in the attic ! Those were the wonder years ! I am glad i have you for company !! I thought i was alone !

    Jeevan: Oh yes..we should never forget..i dont think we can ever forget those times !

    GP: I havent seen anybody use the films in a Looong while ! I guess i will feel the tug the next time around i see someone use that..!

    Starry Nights: We cant forget those times..can we ? The wonder years were wonderful !

    Keshi..: Fossil memories ! LOL For archeologists and history lessons !!!!

    Jam: Hello ! CONGRATULATIONS !! Thought as much..reading those posts ! Welcome back. And in the early marriage years, get the most of experiences..! You will treasure them all. Much later ! Just like the floppies and the letters ! ( Thats purely from experience 😉

    Shark : Thats so nice to know that you continue to use them ! its indeed wonderful !

    Life Rocks: Thank you. That longing seems to be all pervasive with all of us !

    Aviana: LOL !!! That was an interesting experience..! Thanks for sharing ! But the floppies..what after all is 1.44 MB !!!

    Guns: Exactly ! 5 years ago, they were reveared. And now they are relegated to pages in history ! How the world changes..!

  15. Kavi

    Hello from a new blogger:)

    I can swear I wrote a comment on Mustafa and thought I sent it but it dissappeared. If it doesn’t appear, will write again 🙂

    This post reminds me of the adage:
    The only constant thing in life is change. Each day we experience changes in our life. So, we must change too, for the better.

    I like your writing style. Conveys a lot of beautiful feelings from within.

  16. ashok says:

    The only things constant in this world in CHANGE …. interesting post…

  17. Anonymous says:

    i came here after checking some stats on cricinfo. so my question – do you remember test matches with rest days? how about a photo of a fountain pen (if you have one anywhere close by)?

    re: floppy drive – i inserted one of my floppies into the drive last week (but that’s all i did with it). at least my computer still has a floppy drive. would’ve been nice if you had a picture of the 5.25″ floppy and asked if anyone recognized it!

    re: cassette players – my car has only the cassette player and no cd/mp3 player. so my answer to you is “this morning”.

    – s.b.

  18. manuscrypts says:

    hmmmm, true…..meanwhile go to slideshare.net and check out a presentation titled ‘shift happens’

  19. manuscrypts says:

    and chk out pg 31 of today’s bangalore mirror 😉

  20. Dewdrop says:

    Interesting perspective… I guess as people we believe that it is more difficult to complicate things whereas the fact is it is far more difficult to simplify life… we really need to stop existing and start living!

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