Back To The Future !

Today i was home. At home.

Yesterday was my last working day in what now is my ‘previous’ employer! The process of moving out has never been easy for me ! I wanted to handover every pin and project ! And boy, was it energy sapping ! ( Explains my absence from here… )

After a meticulous handover to a colleague, as i packed my bags to go home, a cornucopia of emotions rushed through me. Maintaining a bland face in an indifferent world, i said my farewells and drove home. I wrote a simple farewell note ! And was quite surprised that so many people wrote back to wish me luck ! ( By the way, you must read this farewell note. Mine was far from it though !)

Today, i picked up my pieces. And hope to get back in shape. Physically. Mentally. In shape in this space. With my friendships. With people. The list is long ! And going by the length of the to-do list, it looks like i am awfully out of shape !!

So, what next ?

I have a few options. The first one, is to go to Madurai, sometime next week! Spend time with folks. The city. Old friends. Catching up with all other blogs. My courses. Renewing friendships & bonds….All of that is number one priority ! I dont have much time at hand. But now, where do i start..!! 🙂

And oh, i almost missed it..! Kavis Musings got featured in the ‘Bangalore Mirror’ ! The post titled “When did you last..” got to page 31. And there were quite a few appreciative notes from readers. Now, if that were an indicator, I would like to believe i am destined for bigger things ! What do you think ?!?

In a couple of weeks, i will be stepping into a new job. As i turn my back to the immediate past, i hope to rediscover my rhythm. And begin anew ! To get back to the future !

Todays music is Nickelback’s ‘If Everyone Cared’. Simply love the song ! My emotions captured !!

And as we lie beneath the stars
We realize how small we are
If they could love like you and me
Imagine what the world could be

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we’d see the day when nobody died
When nobody died…

Find the full lyrics here

So, am back. And will keep writing. Thanks a ton for all your support. The mails. The calls. The comments. I feel blessed having you & this space in my life !

Singing Amen, I, I’m alive
Singing Amen, I, I’m alive
(I’m alive)

16 thoughts on “Back To The Future !

  1. Swatantra says:


    Back to the future is the best title for this post! Full of meaning!

    I still remember your farewell note written to Amway Team! Reading that was an amazing feeling!

    Congrats for the publishing of note in the Bangalore mirror…. ! Yes it is an indicator of big things in life… You must start writing books…

    Thanks for all your words.. We are also blessed to have a gem like you in our bowl of friendship…

    May you get the new success, new challenges and set new milestone in your new assignment!! AMEN!

  2. Jeevan says:

    Welcome back to us buddy 🙂 whatever the next, wish u with enjoyment and satisfaction. Congrats for bringing with Bangalore Mirror!

    I like the song, beautiful lines.

  3. Kavi,

    Seems like you have changed your job. Of all, I liked you going back to Madurai, meet old friends and spending some time. It will be a great time for you. Have fun and enjoy your new job! Keep in touch through blogs.

  4. Mark IV says:

    never ever ever show ur back to the future… like pumba says (lion king), its always better to put ur rear in the past… or past in the rear… watevr!

    🙂 all de best… give my HIs to mrs. meenakshi natraj in madurai

  5. Job change?? Feeling all shaky or cool. From what you write I think it was a self taken decision. Right?

  6. Keshi says:

    Great title Kavi! Welcome Back To The Future then 😉

    Ur blog got posted in a newspaper? WOW congrats!


  7. shark says:

    All the best for your new job.

    And hope you have a great time “inbetween” 😉

  8. welcome back Kavi.

    you had doubts on being destined for greater things ? Looks like your audience is more optimistic than you are!


    good luck on the new job!

  9. priya says:


    Renewing friendships & bonds..

    What is more important in “LIFE” without this?

    Have funa nd enjoy the free time now as they will always be cherished.

  10. Jam says:

    Hey there Kavi,

    Funny co-incidence this post, considering that I am changing my job at the end of August.

    Funny how life and its crossroads seem to happen to people like you and me (who know each other through blogs only) at almost the same time.

    Here’s wishing you all the very best in all your new endeavours. Am sure the Big Guy up there has something good planned for you.


  11. Raj says:

    Good Luck and all the best for whatever you chose to do in life!


  12. ashok says:

    welcome back…

  13. AVIANA says:

    congrats on the new beginnings!

    i love this song too!


  14. White Forest says:

    “The process of moving out has never been easy for me “

    its same for me…it feels like helll when i want to leave…I usu dont have any attachment with ppl or company…but when the thought of leaving a person or place comes…it gets simply soooo difficult…just like ripping some part of me!! wierd though!

  15. Neelakantan says:

    Hope this blog gets its due attention…

  16. Kavi says:

    Swatantra: Well..yes, i remember that note. This note was a far cry from that. But then, it held deep emotion. As much ! Having you in my bowl of friendship has been wonderful & inspirational !

    Jeevan: Thank you ! Will keep you updated !

    Balaji: I am going to Madurai in a couple of hours..and yes, will stay connected. will be back in 5 days, but these five days are going to be interesting..Thank you !

    Mark : Thats an interesting perspective..the back to the future ..!! LOL !!

    Will convey your hi !!

    Life rocks: was well, meditated & thought through. It still hasnt come to others asking me to move..!! LOL ! What am i feeling now..?..well, a mixed bag of excitement, anxiety, joy, sadness all…you will see more of it in this space !!

    Shark : Thank you !! Yes, i am trying to make the most of you can see !

    keshi: Thank YOu ! Yes, it was indeed exciting to see it right in the newspaper !!

    Sundar: Thank You ! Audience confidence boosts my confidence..(makkal theerpu, mahesan theerpu..!!)

    Priya: Yes..thats the plan. I plan to really relax, although i dont think i can. But atleast get to do things that i have held most dear to me, and connect with people dear too..! Thanks for being there..!

    Jam: Thanks mate..! I really hope that the big guy up there has somehing planned well for all of us. I am sure he does have ! I hope you are taking a break inbetween too…Your wife would love it..i think !

    Raj: Thanks Raj ! i need all the luck in the world ! Hope alls well with you..!

    Ashok..: Thank you !! Feels nice to see you around more often too !

    Aviana: Thank You ! Will keep this space udated for more info ! Lovely song..wasnt it..?

    White forest: Welcome here..Ithas always been difficult for me. glad that i am not alone..!

    Neelakantan..: Thanks for stoping by..will certainly work hard at that..i am not sure if i can give what is due..but will stretch to give more than what is possible !!

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