ad-judge !

A good ad has always had me stop. And take another look. Perhaps because of the past association with advertising. Perhaps because of the “i-am-creatively-inclined-belief”. When Niru sent in a set of ads i did not realise i spent almost 45 minutes looking at them.

So much so that it warranted a post ! Thanks Niru !

With a grand image of myself of being a reality show judge.. i went about choosing some ads which caught my imagination. There is no grand prize and i am a nobody ( not that reality show judges are somebody) and these creative works any day are much better than Rakhee Sawant’s antics. So, there goes the reality show myth.

Reality show myth! Hey. that was an ‘almost’ oxymoron ! I guess the show came inbetween !

Ok..i guess you know by now that i have been listening to too much of radio and my ramble will put the worst radio jockey to shame !

Here is the first one. On female infanticide. I smiled when i first saw this. But when i came back to see it, it wrenched my stomach. ( To think of infanticide that is..)

This one needs no explanation. Straight drive. Or rather, straight drill !

This was both hilarious and drove the point home very clear. And as we lose more trees in the name of development, someday the edifices of development could be our central themes ! By God !

This was my favourite ! I havent seen a better ad for diamonds. I intend showcasing this to missus ! After all, its another stone. Chose the right stone..! Gift a rock !! For a minute i imagined. I said ‘for a minute !’ Yes. Then i stopped !

8 thoughts on “ad-judge !

  1. Vinesh says:

    nice selection 🙂

  2. Jeevan says:

    Brilliant ads! and the reason behind them is wonders. Thanks fro sharing kavi, it help the imagination power.

  3. Shiva says:


    Enjoyed all these ads. In fact,seeing them for the first time. I liked the infanticide ad the most!

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. priya says:

    Good ones Kavi and wishing u a wonderful New Year ahead.

  5. Solitaire says:

    No comments yet for such a worthy post? Loved the ads!

  6. Kavi says:

    Vinesh: Thanks ! Welcome here..

    Hey Jeevan ! Thanks ..I cant help agree more !

    Shiva :Thanks..! I couldnt resist the sharing..!

    Priya..: Wishing you a great time ahead too. Thanks..

    Solitaire..: My mistake..there is a lead time between comments and my uploading of them. Thanks anyway.

  7. Happy new year sar…wish a great new eyar for you after all the running around last year!

    Hemm…print ads are always better than tv ads right.

  8. Swatantra says:

    Happy new year Kavi!

    I am amazed to read the way you have written about your judging about these ads…. marvelous… The best things was not forgetting to give the credit to the person who gave the origin to this…..

    Keep it UP!

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