Come Back Returns !

Its four months since is home.

And four months have passed by. Quite like Mumbai traffic. Seemingly slow. But quiet quick indeed. Or perhaps there have been too many things happening that we haven’t had the time to look closer at the time! (Again, quiet like when you are in Mumbai traffic)

The city has a distinct buzz to it. The BEST buses notwithstanding, this buzz is filled with, what appears to be a desire to just live upto a promise to deliver. To go on, no matter what. To exploit every minute and pluck out opportunity out of thin air, like Jonty Rhodes & his amazing catches

To somebody like me, who is used to living in the much cooler climes of Bangalore, this indeed is something that I am beginning to warm upto. To say the least. First thing on that strikes me is everybody most people are generally on time. Including the plumber to the security. Work assigned is usually completed. And people move ! ( Agarwal packers and movers are a notable exception. I perhaps had one heck of a horrible experience using them. I will be chronicling that separately).

When we moved here, if there was any single agreement between us, it was this: “no comparing Mumbai and Bangalore. We will soak up Mumbai and each experience it has to offer to us.” And we have been doing just that!

That brings me to the next question. What are some of the big tickets that stand out here in Mumbai ? What causes the traffic to move on despite the traffic signals not being followed by some. What is the essence of an intensely unique personal bonding through some ‘impersonal’ acts like being a co-passenger in a local train. How does diversity disappear in the mainstream yet have those distinct identities?

There seems to be an essence. An essence that I am not seeing beyond whatever is obvious. I am atleast aware that there is more beyond what I am seeing. And the full picture I perhaps will see soon. Soon.

4 thoughts on “Come Back Returns !

  1. Jeevan says:

    Couldn’t imagine the traffic rush in that much crowded city. hope you all doing fine there, take care buddy 🙂

    we miss u here.

  2. enjoy the experience brother, soak it in cause the city teaches you to live life each day !!!

    you should ask me, i spent a quarter of my life there before getting bangalored 🙂

  3. Swatantra says:

    Welcome back… Good to see the posts here…

    No comparision between Bangalore and Mumbai… Nice thought!

  4. Shiva says:

    A good comeback! A good narration of the glimpses. Looking forward for the detailed one, may be after you discover Mumbai..

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