Draft To Display

I wrote this sometime back. But this stayed on draft mode for some reason. I was reading to delete posts on draft. This post seemed to hold intense emotions and captured a very important time in life. It warranted a move from draft to display. Unedited. So here it is.
Its been a while ! Notwithstanding the quick Diwali post! The reasons are aplenty. But, they are at best that : reasons !

We have had support and kindness from innumerable sources as we progressed through a tough & chaotic time. As we traversed through different contours. But we are here. And that’s what counts !

Colleagues. Friends. Mumbai. Bangalore. Family. Old neighbours. New neighbours. Tenants. Landlords. Classmates. Everybody! Stood firm and stood by. And we are greatfull.

So now…we have new house to live in. A new city to call home. A new set of smells, sights and sounds. A new set of colleagues & of course a brand new job! The list of ‘new’ keeps increasing. But certain things endure!

Like the old values! The approach to life and living. And of course, this blog ! Which lived to fight another day. This day ! The last couple of months I have had occasion to review a few priorities of my erstwhile life in Bangalore. Blogging and this space didn’t come in for review. This was always on!

In the space between then and now many events / activities that could be posted here came and went. I have mental notes of them all. Will write about it someday. Some theme(s) / topic(s) include

Finding a house in Mumbai
Dealing with prospective landlords & real estate agents
Dealing with packers & movers. Why not to choose Agarwals.
Finding a tenant.
Of friends: Trust & mistrust
Driving in Mumbai
The Mumbai monsoon
A South Indian wedding
Devotion & God.
The Ganpati Puja of Mumbai
The Durga Puja of Kolkatta
Post Monsoon blues
Rain Water Harvesting
People! People? People.
Of passion & Reason
Catching & living with Mumbai’s common cold
My new phone
The comeback post
The power of friendships
Missing Mountains. An inconvenient truth
Chuck they !
Full & Half Full. Perhaps Empty. MINDs
Children & education in India
Sitaphal & vada paav !
Of physical stuff. Fit to be unfit.
The airport view

Do let me know if there are preferences ! (In the era of Musharaff’s emergency, democracy still rules)! And the topic and themes would also give you an idea of all what I have been seeing / hearing / doing !

I may be irregular to your pages for sometime, but I will make up for it ! And more!

9 thoughts on “Draft To Display

  1. Swatantra says:

    Very sweet and Beautiful Post!

  2. V says:

    Welcome back!
    And here are my preferences
    Rainwater harvesting
    finding a house in mumbai
    Driving in Mumbai

  3. sar! u r back and hope this is for sure.

    wish u a great time getting organized over there.

    u r d best.

  4. Shiva says:

    Glad that you are settled in well!

    Wow! so many topics to write on. You are good observer/witness of all that’s happening around.

    The Ad is apt:)

  5. Hey, you have three new posts and somehow blogroll just showed me you have new posts… time to switch to the RSS thing I guess!

    I would like to read about all those topics.. in any order you give them!


    great to have you write again Kavi.


    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

  6. Jeevan says:

    Merry Christmas buddy and advanced New year wishes have an enjoyable times on the holiday seasons.

  7. Mark IV says:

    Finding a house in Mumbai- boring. keep it to the classifieds…

    Dealing with prospective landlords & real estate agents- Gundas n stuff? tht shld be good

    Dealing with packers & movers. Why not to choose Agarwals.- boring

    Finding a tenant.- only if its about mallus/ wierd chicks/ sexually deranged middle aged men… in that order

    Of friends: Trust & mistrust- sloshy

    Driving in Mumbai- been there

    The Mumbai monsoon- no weather reports

    A South Indian wedding- been there + boring

    Devotion & God.- what???

    The Ganpati Puja of Mumbai- is there any commercial stuff? bombs/ high profile actors/ hype?

    The Durga Puja of Kolkatta- been there. fun, but still been there

    Post Monsoon blues- —–

    Rain Water Harvesting- —–

    People! People? People.- why! why? why.

    Of passion & Reason- matter aaa? 😉

    Catching & living with Mumbai’s common cold- if its common its not u

    My new phone- no iphones

    The comeback post- isn’t this that??

    The power of friendships- sappy

    Missing Mountains. An inconvenient truth- what mountain?

    Chuck they !- chucked already

    Full & Half Full. Perhaps Empty. MINDs- mine????

    Children & education in India- 8th std essay

    Sitaphal & vada paav !- i don knopw the first and courier me the second!

    Of physical stuff. Fit to be unfit.-i firmly still believe that actually means something. i really do!

    The airport view- BLAH

    what a critic!

    ps: don block my IP! 😀

  8. Kavi says:

    Swatantra : Thanks for the kind words !

    V : Yes..!! And thanks for excercising that choice ! Thats something that i would go to work with.

    GP: Yes. Hopefully..! This come back is for good ! Thanks for the welcome !

    Shiva: Thanks for kind words. Yes, so many things to write on. And i will ! Oh..! The ad..you know !

    Sundar : Thanks for the welcome ! Yes. I will write about them..all ! Great to be back amidst you !

    Jeevan : Wishing you a great year ahead too !

    Mark .. 🙂 GREAT to be back ! And great to read your comment. And no, your id is always open. Far from blocked !

  9. priya says:


    I don’t smell the girly thing in ur list. Oh well your padosi girl friend:) Just kidding. Check my profile and it takes to whichever blog u like.

    Enjoy your Mumbai and post some pics !!!

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