A Pamphlet !

After a short flight I landed at the Mumbai airport to prepare myself for a ‘long drive’ ( of 12 kM) home. At the airport at Mumbai, just as I was boarding a taxi, I got this handed over to me. The driver told me something to the effect of “read this. It is important for people like you”. Whatever that meant.

It was a pamphlet detailing how much to pay. What are the basic fares. How much do you pay for luggage? Who to complain to. And so on. An initiative of the Regional Transport Authority.

This was wonderful. Not that auto’s and taxis in Mumbai are that bad. Infact, in my opinion, they are very good. Consider these. Especially so for autos.

1.They go by the meter reading.

2. They are generally clean.

3. They are generally straight and will take you from point A to point B with least hassle.

4. They dont complain about bad roads and use it as a ruse to charge you more. ( Most motorable roads in Mumbai are anyway the same, and the good ones are off-bounds for autorickshaws are anyway).

5. And they are available almost round the clock.

There are many http://www.eta-i.org/cialis.html friends and colleagues who are from Mumbai who argue with this view. They say that there is far more to be desired from the autorickshaws and taxis of Mumbai.

I tell them, please try and visit Chennai (at any time) and Bangalore (beyond peak hours). Where the autos and taxis will charge a fee, the least of which is based on the actual distance to be traversed.

I know that i indeed am generalising. And there could be many an exception. But this leads me to a different topic. Life in Mumbai.

Which is quite different while being seemingly similar. It seems to be more chaotic. But then, actually, to me, it is much more more orderly. Life flows. People are busy. Everything including ‘laziness’ seems to be planned. ( “I plan to laze around”).

The anonymity of the city is all consuming. The coexistence of stark diversity is mind numbing at times. And of course, the moving sea of people at any point in time makes you feel like a small speck.

But this pamphlet threw some light. Into what is called ‘order’ ! Perhaps Chennai & Bangalore can take a leaf from here. Perhaps a pamphlet !

7 thoughts on “A Pamphlet !

  1. Kavi

    you expressed it so beautifully.. I visit Bombay now every time I visit India and spend a week with the inlaws.. somehow like you say the flow is much smoother..


    you have a way with words man!

  2. Jeevan says:

    That was good thing to know taxis carry the books of rules. Wish it spreads to all cities.

  3. priya says:

    Interesting facts ther Kavi and u have a good eye to catch huh:)

  4. Swatantra says:

    Interesting fact to know… thanks for sharing!

  5. Kavi says:

    Sundar: Thank you sir !! LOL. The way with words..somehow fails me at home..!!! Tell me if you have some thoughts..

    Jeevan: Yes..Especially if your speaking from a Chennai context !

    Priya: Thanks..And the eye cant be as sharp as yours and your catching of small elements that make our world

    Swatantra; Thanks..! Sharing is fun !

  6. GuNs says:

    Autorickshaws and Taxis are probably the only thing about Mumbai that works as it should. Auto-wallahs in Mumbai are the best I’ve seen. Delhi is the worst, Bangy, Pune, Baroda etc are all alike in being inefficient and dishonest.


  7. Anonymous says:

    In a different light – being a marketing person, I noticed that the tarrif card had an unmistakeable corporate logo. Did the auto/cab driver receive an additional Rs.100/- for handing out 100 cards to its 100 customers?. I think its a brilliant “1-on-1” personalized marketing embedded in a social cause. It reminded me of the HLL’s chapati launch with bhajiwalas. Every bhajiwala earned extra Rs.50/- that day, when they handed out the Chappati samples for customers who purchased veggies for Rs.25/- or more.

    That said – I fully agree with you about Mumbai Taxis & Rickshaws. I am avid BEST & Local Train fan though.

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