One for the road !

The Mumbai roads had taken a toll on the car. So I had to get it serviced. After reaching the car to the service station, we found time at our hand. Wistfully waiting to slip away. So what if the roads had taken a toll on the car. There were other forms of transport to explore.

Off we went. To Elephanta Caves. You will find some pictures here. And an attempt to paint the day that was. The day we drove, rode a train, and sailed the high seas. All the while, laying the blame on the road !

First to Bharath Café right opposite to Ghatkopar station. The masaala paper roast dosa went right in. ( I hope not straight to the hips and tummy to take a permanent position. But you know the opposite is true).

Frankly it was quite an embarrassment. I hadn’t expected it to be this big. The second look & glint of surprise on the waiter’s eyes must have had me change my mind. Hindsight, they say, is twenty twenty!

This was my first experience in recent times on the famous Mumbai trains. So much of a Mumbaikar life seems to be driven by oddities. And that perhaps derives from the ‘odd’ times of the local trains. 6.32 local. 10.47 fast local etc are not odd, but pretty much even! Every minute counts here!

( A separate post on the Mumbai train journey will come soon )

We got off at VT (Victoria Terminus) now called CST ( Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus and walked down to the Gateway of India. We walked the distance in about an hours time. Taking our time to absorb the sight and sounds. Every passer by, whom we asked ( @ 10, 30 & 40 minutes into the walk) how much time it would take to cover the distance to Gateway of India, said, “ 15 Mins ”!

The Gateway of India looks majestic. And I clicked these pictures as I stood in a queue to get on to ferry. A ferry to Elephanta caves.

A one hour boat ride in the high seas. Elephanta itself is a different world. We sank into the splendour of the caves. Our trance interrupted by clicks from mobile phones and cameras. With a sprinkling of Indian, French, American and the rest of the world’s babble and laughter.

We took another boat and by evening we were back ashore. The Gateway looking more majestic than before. Drunk with the yellow tint, offered by the sinking sun. We took the return train. Then an auto to the service station. And drove back home.

The roads took us. By train & sea ! This one was sure for the road !

5 thoughts on “One for the road !

  1. priya says:


    To be frank, never been to Mumbai and love to see one day. Love all your pics and my favorite, hehe wat else other than the crispy dosa.

  2. what a crowd !

    when we went two years ago, we must have hit a weekday or something.. there was hardly anyone there..


  3. Jeevan says:

    Very nicely narrated ur day in Mumbai that took me to there. Excellent pictures, esp.the last one.

  4. Arun Sundar says:

    “6.32 local. 10.47 fast local”

    That was cute. Very much like Mumbai and so unlike India! 🙂

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