A match with a sixer !

An early morning of April saw us at a wedding. The reception was scheduled in the evening. Somehow, receptions seem to be tacky affairs with plastic smiles, extra make up and heaps of calories. We chose the ‘early morning’ wedding.

While the routines of a wedding continue, the sideshows / issues are of interest to me. Leading to the main question that people i am in the know of ask me, when will i ever focus on the ‘main’ issue ?!?! But that is, as they say, ignoratio elenchi. Besides the point !

At 6.40 am we got some hot coffee. The coffee was GREAT ! I guess it was filter coffee. No, not Bru. Filter coffee. The coffee itself was besides the point. It was the cup that mattered.

The handle was made of paper, and neatly folded along the curves of the cup itself. It took me a minute to unfold it and have the hot coffee in style. Which prompted a whole lot of others to follow suit. It felt good to be a pioneer! To catch something by the ear has been a long time. Especially so at someone elses wedding !

Weddings are also occassions to see democratisation of technology. Essentially photography.
Just as the mangalsutra was all set to be tied, out came video cameras, hand helds, mobile phones and every other recording instrument. As people occupied their vantage positions, it almost seemed like Roland Garros or Wimbledon. With all the lenses focussed on two or three people. The cameras went click, click, click.

Not so long ago,(and still prevelant) was the practice of ‘posing’ for the video camera that happens in our weddings. Where you stand still on the stage with the bride and groom, and video camera guy pans the camera. Agreed the video camera was supposed to capture movement. Somewhere, the emphasis of the movement of the subject (sic) got shifted to the emphasis on movement of the video camera!

After seeing everybody who had a somekind of a camera on them ( SLR, Camcorder, camera with a phone, phone with a camera…and the like) jostle for space to get the righ picture, i got up too. Fearing that i might be labelled as somebody who ‘did not care’, i whipped out my phone. And caught this image.

What do you think ?

Well, this is what i think.

Looks to me like the groom is a vanquished bowler just smashed for big hit, by you know who. The wicket keeper, although from the same team, looks a happy man. Perhaps happy with his match-fixing ! And btw, the 3rd umpire has signalled a six ! ( I promise i havent been watching the IPL matches. But this is what i think )!

Welcome to the married mans world Karthik !

4 thoughts on “A match with a sixer !

  1. indianangel says:

    awesome! just shows how much cricket has intertwined our lives, funny though your explanation of a typical brahmin wedding!

  2. LOL! Loved this post…man that cut is ingenious!

    Ther’s probably wedding photos of that wedding in every angle! 🙂

  3. Jeevan says:

    I like the ideal coffee cup, people thinking new. And about the wedding it was fun reading man 🙂

  4. Shiva says:

    Good to see such cups coming up!!

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