Back To The Future !

After almost a year of browsing on borrowed infrastructure, i post from home. Yes. I am connected on broadband from home. Feels nice ! Very Nice !

It was two years ago that i got started on blogsville. One lazy Bangalore Sunday morning, i asked Kamal who gave me a matter-of-fact ‘have google account, can blog’ kind of answer. In about an hours time, with his help, i had gotten started.

The last two years have seen me look around in awe. Like a kid with a candy bar in the middle of the jungle. The strange noises, the fresh wisp & nip of clean air, the ferocity of the animal who wouldnt bother with you unless you meddle with it, the sanctity of the clean green leaf, the simplicity of the flower, the abundance of plenty & the indifference of nature. These are thoughts that rush to me as i think of a metaphor to describe where i am now and the journey that i have had !

Fellow readers have now become friends and your lives & time zones intermeshed with what i do and how i think. In the discovery of the contours of the beauty of the jungle, i have discovered much of myself as well. The candy bar has long since become irrelevant. In all humility, i must say thank you !

I had no clue as how the journey would be, who i would meet, what i would write about. Its two years now. And i have survived. And more importantly, the second year, without connectivity at home !! With very little understanding of technology and lesser still of blogs, i started with a curiosity about people in the heart and baggage (in truck loads) in my mind. The former contiunes to flourish while the latter is clearly uncomfortable!

I squint my eye at the bright rays of the future and look into the horizon with hope and belief that it would be a great place to hurtle towards. The world has shifted beneath me. And how. Amitabh Bachan has a blog. Amir Khan has a blog. Lalu Yadav writes. Considering these people have ‘mass connections’, their taking to blogging makes me look up. Or does it ?!?

Considering all the competition, i think its time for this space to get a makeover. What can i change ?!? I request you, dear reader(s) / bloggers, to spare a few moments & write in.

Change the name ?
Change the picture going along with the name ?
Change the layout ?
change the colour combinations ?
Change the template ?
Change myself…!?!

Do let me know. And thanks in advance ! For the past, present and the future.

Well, for now, it is back to the future!!

10 thoughts on “Back To The Future !

  1. Shiva says:


    2 nd anniversary treat illa?

    One of my most favoured blogs and whenever I want to read something funny, but sensible, I visit this space.

    Name cannot be changed, though most readers like me would start visiting it’s girls blog and end up finding a friend:)

    Pic is cute. Must be Kamal’s work. Not sure if you too are in artist..

    May be, you can change the template. Obv, the color scheme and the layout will change with it.


  2. Kavi

    congrats on keeping the blog going for another year.


    it was always refreshing to see the world through your eyes. Very very different.

    why change things if there is no need?

    unless, the monotony of it bothers you..

    definitely doesnt bother me.


    your words are way way way more powerful than the pictures, template etc.

    sometimes, I am just amazed by the titles you choose for the the post!

  3. Congratulations sar! 🙂 Many more years to come.

    Dont change the name. Pic is classic already.
    Layout and template…you can change them.

    Yourself…nah…your above your blog :)….jst get a haircut maybe? 😀

  4. Priya says:

    Congrats to you Kavi:) Just go for a fresh new look for your blog. Never change the name of the blog, if u change it, its gone forever and thaz wat happened to me too.

  5. Hobo says:

    I say your blog is Ok but yes I have seen blogs that are very colorful by looks. May be I love colours I find them good but yours blog is simple and good and I like it.
    I am learning too.

  6. Jeevan says:

    Congratulations buddy! You name is really a sweet one in blog, Kavi. Beautiful 🙂 don’t change that.

    Everytime mouse pass on the link, the bit snap shot disturbs, but it is also good to know what the site holds.

  7. manuscrypts says:

    well, congrats for starters 🙂
    i can understand the need for change, even though it may/may not be required… thankfully, i had blogger to shift to (from rediff), around my 2 yrs that stopped the itch for sometime :D.. i think what you could work out is some kind of unique customisation, and that most definitely includes a change in pic.. to put it bluntly (apologies in advance) anyone can take a dilbert pic off the net and use it. forget the blog colors, make something that can only be related to kavi in the online space… the name, the pic… think about it :)… but whatever you do, dont change the content, thats definitely you, and you shouldnt change it for someone 🙂

  8. Kavi says:

    Its wonderful to have your comments. Thank You all !!

    All of what you say makes a heap of sense. And profound sense !!

    So, will continue. With a flourish. And of course with some changes. Lets see.

    Shiva, Sundar, GP, Neelakantan, Priya, Hobo,Jeevan and Manu : thanks a ton !! Thanks for standing by !! And of course for scripting a part as i look back towards the future !!

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