Monsoon Lessons !

When the monsoon rains hit the floor, or the iron railing or you or anybody else, they hit with such relish. And with the same non-discriminating intensity. And when they form those droplets that the dog and the cow shake off with vigour you realise that it is the same droplets that get absorbed into towels of many hues at home. Perhaps evaporating against the numbing power of a noisy hair drier.

And as the lost droplet seems to linger on the railing, for just a while longer, playing a strange game with gravity, you watch with intensity. A fabian moment that lingers just a while longer.

The rain continues to fall noisily, showing what the Mumbai monsoon stands for : Relentless persistence. The droplets continue their game. You continue to watch. Time is on the run.

Or rather, time stands still. You watch.

And you watch the beauty of the rain water morph into beautiful droplets that run across the iron railing. And in a minute, gathering weight to fling themselves at the floor with the same relish.

Nature teaches you. Life & living.

7 thoughts on “Monsoon Lessons !

  1. well written..

    good luck with the photos!


  2. Priya says:

    Nice capture Kavi. Good write up.

  3. Jeevan says:

    Beautiful lesson!

  4. Neelakantan says:

    Ah the rains. I miss it here…

  5. Nachi says:

    yeah, someone tell the bloody rains to come visit Baroda as well. cause it sure is about time now. then maybe i’ll learn my lessons!

    lovely read brother. nice post!

  6. Kavi says:

    Thanks Sundar ! Would need all the luck in the world !

    Thanks Priya !

    Thanks Jeevan !

    Ah the rains. We have been missing it too for a week now, Neelakantan !!

    Thanks Nachi ! I thought the rains have moved to Baroda. For we havent had much in the last week !!

  7. Shiva says:

    Excellent snap Man!

    Do you remember the verses from Kambar Ramayanam-

    Moongil Ilay mele,
    Thoongum Pani neere;
    Thoongum Pani neerai,
    Vaangum Kathirone!

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