Three young kids. One as a bowler. One as a batsman. One as a fielder.

Three bottles which held beer in them sometime back. For the three stumps !

A blue bisleri bottle’s cap as the ball.

A piece of wood that seemed to have been wrenched away from a branch, as the bat.

The Prince of Wales museum’s compund wall as the backdrop.

The Mumbai Pavement as the pitch.

2.00 PM on a Saturday afternoon. With a crowd waiting for the bus, more keen on following this cricket than the arrival of the bus. As the audience.

Ingenuity. Innovation. Indifference. Incredible. Incredulous. India !

6 thoughts on “Religion

  1. liked the title more than the picture and the post!

    that was a one word summary of the whole post. so apt.


  2. Jeevan says:

    Very true, is what happening now and then… anything gives them joy in the name of cricket.

  3. Shiva says:


    Strangely, I have never been able to understand this cricket craze..
    Never been able to watch a innings fully. only the highlights or the scoe card in the news paper.. One day I should ask Kamal..

  4. ashok says:

    innovative indeed!

  5. shark says:

    very good post.. but didn’t get the relation to the title? You meant cricket as a religion?

  6. Hobo says:

    Tickets ?
    Claps for the team & the cameraman.

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