Staying With Cricket..

This ad on the rear of a BEST bus got me thinking.

Why is Syed Kirmani advertising for a hearing aid ? He is not a model of great repute. As far as i know, he could hear properly. Am not sure of recent developments though. Or is it that he wants to convey a message to the powers that be that his thoughts on team selection et al be better heard. Is he sending a message to Vijay Mallya & the 45 crore loss !?!

Or is Widex his company ? Of the many mysteries that run in my mind, this perhaps is one more. Cricketers would know better i guess.

Hello ?

3 thoughts on “Staying With Cricket..

  1. manuscrypts says:

    maybe he’s willing to go deaf for the ads 🙂

  2. Hobo says:

    The Idea : Younger generations do not recognize who is the person but elders do and I guess hearing aids are mostly used by aged people.
    Am I right ?

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