Dont Exchange !

This note came along, as an insert, to todays newspaper.

As i see it, this seems to be the proposition to newspaper readers like me !! I haven’t called these numbers to check further, so i wouldnt know the exact details. But this is how it appears to me.

a. Anything i need to sell off / ‘dispose’, (From Waterman pens to Cartier, Rolex, Blancpain etc watches, to Old Cars to Video cameras, to air conditioners to many more ‘electronic gedeges’), all i would need to do, is call this Manalin Electronics. ( I guess he has an ‘anything-into-electronics’ converter. Like converting a JPG file in someother format !)

b. He comes home, picks it up and pays me cash. On the contrary, if i exchange it with a white goods dealer, the dealer gives me a discount on a new product in exchange of the old product that i am currently using. It ties me up in many ways and most important : i do not get cash in hand. Liquid money sure is honey !

c.This ad quotes ‘all exchange in MRP price’. Am not sure about that. What can that mean ? Would i get the price that i originally paid? That cant be. But that seems to be the claim here !

d. There will be an exchange, no matter if the article is in ‘working, non-working any condition’ !

The service that i am used to seeing, that comes closest to this, is your ‘old newspaper walaah’. Roaming around in cycles and souting their throats dry, they used to accept old newspapers, old clothes & perhaps old utensils, for cash. Small & tidy sums but a thriving business. This ad indicates that the business has climbed a new height.

I guess, the potential exists. As people transition into new products, goods and services the ‘relics of the past’ need to be disposed. Perhaps what comes in the way of such ‘disposal’ is inertia, considering the activities that would be involved in taking the item, finding a place, negotiating a price etc.

Here is a one stop solution. Call-come home-give cash ! Now thats a value proposition of some kind !

We live in interesting times dont we !

Disclaimer :

I do not have any stake in Manalin Electronics or in its group companies. Nor have i tried this service. By no means is this any suggestion that you should try or approach this store. Regular readers would know that i am few light years from a Rolex, Omega, Piaget etc etc. The electronic ‘gedeges’ that i own continue to work. All i have is some old newspapers. So.

4 thoughts on “Dont Exchange !

  1. HOBO says:

    I am dreaming about a queue outside my home.
    Days are not far when everything will be available at doorstep.

  2. neha vish says:

    I wish there was something like this when I needed to move out of certain cities. Instead, I had to go about and bargain in various shops. I might as well have held an auction in my tiny living room!

  3. Jeevan says:

    But I feel we can’t expect the valid price of the thing we give them.

  4. Shiva says:

    Seems very interesting! May be, another mannaran company:)

    I like the disclaimer the best.

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