Hancock. Review

John Hancock was a was a Massachusetts merchant and prominent patriot of the American Revolution. This chap was a signatory to the Declaration of Independence and his large flowing signature meant that John Hancock is an informal synonym for ‘signature’.

But that was another Hancock.

The one that Peter Berg brings out in ‘Hancock’ leaves behind his signature. A trail of destruction. Rudeness. Alchoholism. And oh yes, besides being a super hero and putting up the bad guys behind bars. This portrayal of sides that are usually not seen on screen, makes this Hancock stand out as a different super hero.

The first half is racy. Humorous. Particularly so, with quips reeking super-hero attitude !! Saving a PR consultant’s life proves to be a turning point for the PR consultant, in return puts in place an image make over for Hancock. And the slow transformation of the rude Hancock, who has to be educated to saying ‘Good Job’, into a somebody that people love, is a story that is well told. PR consultants must be smiling !

Somewhere in the second half, the racy start appears false and there are periodic shortcomings in the plot. That pace of the film and some intelligent film making cant , try as they might, make up for it.

Peter Berg seems to have hit a fork in the road. One road http://healthsavy.com/product/valium/ sustaining the racy humorous and skimming attention of the audience that is the flavour of the first half. And the other, leading to an emotional twist : 3000 + year love story, emotional twist + amnesia + recollections etc !
For some reason, he chose to go with the second option.

Straight away, the road not taken, seems alluring !

Nevertheless, Will Smith and Charlize Theron bring alive the scereen. Intelligent capture of the destruction trail, and the genuinity of a human problem that rests in a super hero, makes you wish things get better for him ! Jason Bateman as the PR consultant brought alive memories of friends who are neck deep in PR ! So.

The plot is weak ! The action is good ! The humour is racy ! The action is quite different! The emotional twists and 1000 year history is unnecessary. Will Smith stands tall, without having to zoom into the sky to get that accolade ! Perhaps above all, seeing a super hero with failings of many sorts is refreshingly different !

I enjoyed the movie. Most parts of it atleast ! As i hesitatingly type, ‘its worth a watch’ i seem keen to add what marketers and PR consultants add on to their proposals : ‘Conditions Apply’ !

that said, ok, there you go: Worth a watch ***

4 thoughts on “Hancock. Review

  1. Shrav says:

    nice review!! But I ain’t sure I will watch it after reading that review!! and btw the snap shots thing is really irritating! Pls do try to remove it!

  2. Jeevan says:

    i want to catch this film sometime. ur free to tell its worth or waste 🙂

  3. Shiva says:

    Can’t miss Will Smith. I hope to watch it soon

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