Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Movie Review

Even as i type out this post, there are a few points that i would like the reader to know !

a. I watched this movie on the rebound from Love Story 2050
b. I am not given to watching this many movies ( lest you construe a different picture)

c. I am going to try hard to stay away from detail in this post. For i believe this is a movie to be best experienced in the movie hall !

After a long while, this was a movie that was ‘refreshing’ ! Where is the evidence ? Well, the multiplexes ran housefull all across town for most shows. We found tickets in an old world ‘Chandan Theatre’ in Juhu. That perhaps was a setting that added to the atmosphere.

Simple effective performances. Neat dialogues. Superb music thats stayed. Attention to detail and a certain degree of ‘humorously frivolous exaggeration’. A movie where the audience laughed, clapped and giggled in unison. This was a movie, which by far enjoyable !

The movie has a simple plot. Infact a very weak one. Would you imagine that a story thats belonged to yesteryears : Two good friends, who didnt quite realise they were in love. Now , that has hit many a screen over the years. Many a time !

Over here, What truly matters is the fine ensemble of sub plots, the well woven incidents that keep the audience alive. And on that count, this film scores well. Very well, infact !

Naseerudin Shah as the ‘Portrait-that-speaks’ & Ratna Pathak Shah as the ‘living’ mother of Jai – the protaganist ( Imran Khan ) sparkle. And so do all other characters who have a role in the movie. Any role. The parents of Aditi. The lady who plays Meghna. Meghnas parents. Sushanth. Aditi’s brother. The Rathore brothers. The gang of friends. The inspector. All of them ! Simple yet powerful roles.

Also appealing was the fact that the movie was not trying to be everything to everybody. So, you did not have raunchy dance scenes nor a few Tata Sumos ( or any vehicle of that order ) flying in the air. The normal running around trees coochie cooing is poignant in its abscence. So there you have. A distinct movie. A movie that moved, quite naturally ! A movie that indeed packs a few punches. And oh yes, the few punches that did land, seemed real indeed !

Is this not a tall story as well ? Well, yes. In some form. But it kept us glued to the screen and to the seats. There was energy in the theatre air. People laughed. Clapped. And at times, disconnected ringing phones. I dont need to say any more.

So, this is a good movie. That lives in its elegance. The strength of the narrative hiding the frivolity of the tale. The essense of the good warp and weave holding a skeptic like me to the seat. The impishness of the youth well complimented by superb performances that seemd so natural ! And ah yes, Imran Khan has arrived. With boyish charm and oodles of talent. Genelia looked fresh. Fresh from Shankar’s ‘Boyz’ !!

Spare a thought for the director, Abbas Tyrewala. Infact, take a bow !

All in all, a good refreshing package. So similar yet so different. So. Go watch it. Its silly. Funny. Its clean. Its natural. A simple story well told. And ofcourse, has some good music that set the ball rolling !!

By the way, has anybody heard of Aamir Khan ?

5 thoughts on “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Movie Review

  1. Priya says:


    I know Aamir Khan is making a remake movie of tamil film Ghajini where Surya acted.

  2. Hobo says:

    Story-telling is an Art.
    I wish Aamir Khan will make great movies in near future.
    And thankyou Kavi for sharing review.
    Thanks a lot !

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  4. Shiva says:

    I’ll give this a try.

    Remember seeing something like Khan on Khan in NDTV.

  5. Jeevan says:

    Seems like a very nice entertainment movie 🙂

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