Kismet Konnection. Movie Review

Perhaps writing this about the movie experience in Adlabs would help. About the Rs.55 a packet popcorn would interest many readers. A little bit of whining about the absence of parking space. Some sarcasm about the ‘natural’ folding of hands and saying ‘namaskar’ by multiplex staff would, am sure call for some interesting comments.

Perhaps some quips about how movie going has changed over the years and tracing the evolution of the Indian movie goer’s experience would bring some contrasts to the fore. The role of multiplexes. Big budget advertising & marketing etc would all warrant a post. And how about this movie…kismet Konnection. Well, the less said the better.

The essense of the movie is to find people who are ‘lucky charms’ for others. In this movie, Vidya Balan happens to be the lucky charm for our hero Shahid Kapoor. The moment she steps into any facet of his life : be it playing an ‘unplayable’ stroke at the snooker table, or winning the contract to redesign club house etc etc all happen ‘matter-of-fact’ for him, when she is around. But she is engaged to someone else & some other cause.

How our heros life meanders through the cause thats so dear to his lady love essence of the movie. And ultimately, alls well that ends well. For our hero and heroine, that is. The movie goer walks out with a stupefied look !

Romance requires chemistry. Onscreen romance requires higher order chemistry ! And that chemistry cannot be overridden with commerce & marketing. Don’t ask Me why, but the film is set in Canada. Of this fact you will get reminded of every 3 rd ( or 5th or 2nd or 7th etc) minute, by a shot of the CN Tower in Toronto in multiple moods. Lit, unlit. 45 degree angle. 75 degree angle. Landscape. Portrait etc. (And thats good relief)!

The movie did open at a brisk pace. Somewhere it faltered early on. And never recovered after that! Shahid Kappoor tries hard to act and emote. And to be true to truth, he indeed has made a good effort. And it shows. Therein lies the problem ! Class acts make you think you are watching real people. Not ‘actors’ & their effort ! Juhi Chawla as a crystal ball gazer shows up, now & then. A role, i would imagine, she would like to forget in a hurry !

That apart, the movie has some pluses. There are no ‘stunt’ sequences. Some comedy. In patches that are quite apart from each other. But those scenes poke the funny bone and evoke laughter. Well, atleast a giggle. And then, there is Canada!

If you are the kind that is concerned about Global Warming etc, well, there is one speech, especially thrown in for you as well. Aziz Mirza’s reputation suffers a dent with this movie. So does every body elses. so does my wallet & time !

Sometimes, the battle with fate is lost even before it begins. Like when we chose to watch this movie.

I would like it to blame it all on Kismet. On fate ! Somehow, that seems a better option than leaving you infer about other faculties of the brain. Like Decision making, intelligence etc. We did chose to watch the movie, didn’t we ?!!

So there. Watch it or dont watch it, one thing that you can do is to, Blame it on fate !

Phew !

7 thoughts on “Kismet Konnection. Movie Review

  1. HOBO says:

    I watch movies as per my vibes and kismat se “Kismat” is unbale to connect with my vibes.
    Watch – Singh is Kinng

  2. Shiva says:

    A good warning!!! Anyway, I wouldnt have risked 3 hours.

  3. wife is in the theater watching this right now with her work friends.. while I get to read your review, after the kids have been put to bed!

    I somehow feel that it is me, who is having a good time!


  4. Jeevan says:

    About the Rs.55 a packet popcorn! Soon it will be costlier than film ticket! Nice review, will do check if possible.

  5. Kavi says:

    Hobo : With the kind of bad run am having with movies, i woudlnt mind whoever be king !! Good luck 😉

    Shiva: Yes. All time ! And fate !!

    Sundar : I suddenly wish we could swap positions !!

    Hope your wife liked the movie!!!

    Jeevan: Well, will write about the popcorn. About the movie, well, take it easy !

  6. shark says:

    Mumbai has really influenced you to watch so many movies 🙂
    Somehow with all the “stories” of Vidya and Shahid.. I also expected a lot more chemistry.

  7. dinu says:

    she looks like his mom !!!!

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