Love Story 2050. Review

Harman Baweja’s debut film they said. The concept is unimaginable, they said. This is a landmark film they said. This is a very expensive film they said. This film will keep you glued, they said. All true. All so very true.

‘I dont need luck. I have love’ so says Harman Baweja in the movie. You can have all the love, sirs, but please try bringing in some acting, storyline and a degree of respect for your audience! Else, please place a big request for luck !

The movies is all about Australia circa 2008 & Mumbai circa 2050. Some crooning around trees and fabulous locales ( ok that was the only element that stayed with me), presumably around Australia. Propose. Death of the heroine. Time machine. Fast forward. The ‘in-love’ hero races into time & Mumbai, 2050 & fetches his ladylove. And by the way, returns to Sydney. 2008 !

Ok ! Inbetween we have all those elements that ‘lost & found’ love storys have. The song that the lovers sang, long back. The personal diary that had a few things were written. And such sundries. Other films have the handkerchief, keychains, rings et al ! The differentiator here though is the lost and found straddles zones that were hitherto left pristine. : Mumbai, 2050 !

What a way to introduce Mumbai 2050 to the world ! Of concrete jungle, flying bikes, cars, and of course hero-villain chases in the air. Movies are about tall stories. Thats fine. The finesse with which the tall stories merge into the mind of the audience is what etches a memory. Alternatively, it falls flat. Like this one !

There were some plus points though. The next seat was empty. For some reason, i had connectivity on the phone. The GPRS was on & i did a few things that were long pending. Like blogging and twittering. Other than twisting and turning in the seat !

About the movie itself, the less said the better.

Yes. It was about Harman Baweja and his first movie. Now, We know.
Yes, the treatment of the concept is unimaginable.
Yes. This is a landmark. But to a wrong place in the wrong way.
Yes. I was glued. To my phone.

I was reading this review which ends “….I wish if Harry Baweja had used this much effort in creating something logistic then would not be such waste of resources'”.

Logistics…pal ? You mean…. Oh yes. The film is all about logistics!! I hope they evolve and start moving minds too. Sometime. In the future !

Movies seem to be leaning towards death and afterlife. I guess they know, with this kind of a movie, we need to have hope !

6 thoughts on “Love Story 2050. Review

  1. you are a patient man! Looks like some dude out there has sent the needle on the Kavimeter off the charts!

    watch the Jane tum.. movie. The girls are all raving about it. Havent seen it myself, but like the songs.. appears to be a better bet than this one!


  2. Kavi says:

    makkal theerpu mahesan theerpu ! (The peoples verdict is Gods verdict).

    So i watched jane tu..! And there is my take ! Its not only the girls who are raving about it !

  3. manuscrypts says:

    like i’ll keep saying forever – bewaja movie!!!

  4. Shiva says:

    Glad that I read your review.

    Great escape!

  5. Jeevan says:

    Director Shanker complains in a weekly magazine that they (film 2050) stolen some of his ideas which he got for upcoming Robot!

  6. Anonymous says:

    bang on review ..this is the creepiest movie of the year right behind mera baap pehle..rama rama kya hai genre…harman shud go in hiding for sometime cos this movie has usurped so much money from people that they will colllar him for theie refunfd and i hope this movie brings their status down to bhelpuri walas after all they deserve nothing lesss as punishment for torturing us ..nothing i repeat nothing is good in this movie dont even dare to call the robots performances good ..and please do not call archana puransingh and boman irani as actors after this or parshurams shrap will make u impotent ..thats how angry i am after my waste of money

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