Mumbai !

After almost a year of living here, i was asked in a meeting. A simple question, ‘Where do you live’.

I gave him the answer.

‘Ah. The Central side’ was the response.

And out of a need to sustain conversation, i asked, ‘ and you ?’. He said, ‘oh me..i live in Mumbai’ ! ( The last word underlined twice).

To the South Mumbai resident, i was almost an outcast.

We decided to find out the real reason behind the swagger of ‘South Mumbai’. Wanting to tell the world that Mumbai was indeed Mumbai. All the way around and that swagger was ‘unnecessary projection’ that we could see through !!

We came back defeated. Not by the swagger, but by the sheer heritage of the place. Rich, tall European buildings that stand really tall. And provide such an impressive backdrop that provides the air to the chin that touches the sky !

Here are some pictures !

The Victoria Terminus now called Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus stands tall and majestic. That which was built in some 100 plus years ago, now is the reference point landmark for Mumbai’s transportation & orientation.

If you thought the outsides were fabulous, the insides are no less. If you only care to look at the ceiling !

The David Sassoon library looks particularly impressive. I only wonder if it is the impressive architecture or the South Mumbai air, or my liking for books !?!?

To think that Mumbai was given as a dowry to the British confounds me no end. They gave it as something that went free. An add on ! What an add on. So we strolled for some more time. Clicked some pictures. Had a jumbo sugar cane juice.

And then, took the train back home. And when we came home, we had to be careful. That we did not carry the swagger with us !!

7 thoughts on “Mumbai !

  1. i love the photos, even thought its old buildings, there is more life to it when we see it as a functional part of the city and defining landmark. what makes a great city? not the names, but the paths taken and retaken. thats it 🙂

    you are blogging more actively kav sar…but then im in slow motion mode, too much to do…:) will b back soon. 🙂 thanks!!!

  2. Priya says:

    Now u need a flickr account to post your pictures too. Good pics and never visited this city.

  3. Jeevan says:

    You may continue this, let us know more about the city u live. These heritages are beautiful in art works, and pictures to its realism! Nice 🙂

  4. Shiva says:

    Every city has such interpretations on the area. Much like , living GK of Delhi or Besant Nagar / Adayar of chennai, Anna Nagar / KK Nagar in madurai??? is seen as matter of prestige … I had a similar experience when we moved to delhi.

    The snaps are amazing

  5. Carnic says:

    I experieced this during my last stint in this city….now somehow more profound what with me staying in thane…

  6. Hobo says:

    Yesterday,I was in front of CST inside BEST bus watching & watching the beautiful architect, till the signal goes green…
    Thanks Kavi.
    Watching again the wonderful beautiful architect.

  7. Kavi says:

    GP: The buildings continue to stay in my mind.

    And yes, am making use of the net conenction at home !

    Priya : Mumbai is the essense of India. You must visit it sometime. Let us know ! And the flickr account will be up soon !

    Jeevan : thanks. Plan a visit sometime here !

    Shiva : The comparison with KK Nagar stuck me on my face. Oh yes. I remember the swagger. Every city has its share i guess

    Carnic: You are courageous man to travel that distance. Daily !

    Hobo : all of us go through that experience. dont we !?

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