Passive is Active !!

Sweating out in the gym, and trying to lift that extra pound, i wondered what would make it all the more worthwhile. My mind raced back to the ad for the Passive excerise device.

It was sometime back when i saw this ad. It reappearance ensured that it caught my attengtion between channel surfing. Its recurreance ensured i got to see the whole ad in bits and pieces !

Yes. It was for some belt. I think so. Or some beads or oil or t-shirt or whatever. The instrument doesnt matter. The concept does.

I wonder, how in hell is it possible that you wear that belt and it jigs up your belly fat & that would put Mallika Sherawat to shame. You are exhorted to wear this belt and keeps jigging all fat ( you decide the place of the fat please ) while you read the newspaper or sleep and Lo & behold you have a frame like John Abraham.

Atleast its that kind of dude who exhorts you to buy the product on TV. With a wierd accent and a hindi translation !

The very idea that people fall for such stuff could indicate many things.

a. How incredibly ‘hopeful’ & ‘optimistic’ people are. Imagine, that you an chomp away at butter chicken, Aloo Paratha and Butter roti only to wear a belt and have it all worked away !?!

b. It could also indicate how lousy Television programming is, for somebody to watch some incredible evangelism like this.

(But consider this : The news channel are focussed on the imminent solving of some murder case or the Manmohan Singh government’s imminent fall. And then there is Sauna belt. And the imminent loss of weight. The sauna’ belts’ imminence seems far more alluring )!

Hmm..what else.

c. Perhaps its an indicator…that the future is here !

The passive future, is here. Active !

5 thoughts on “Passive is Active !!

  1. Hobo says:

    Idle time-slots for innovative news
    Isnt it ?
    Where are we heading for ?
    Where will we stop ?
    All I can say :
    Mind never stops
    Wishes never ends…

  2. Carnic says:

    Hi Kavi,

    You missed the other bit….programmes marketing products talking about imminent spiritualism!!!!

  3. Shiva says:

    Looks like they leave some irreversible effects on the body. Why are we not considering vomitoriums?

    Looks like workout is the best way to shell out- hard to digest though..

  4. manuscrypts says:

    agree, but think about it, how cool it would be if they actually found a legit way..sigh 😐

  5. Kavi says:

    Hobo : Yes. Our wishes never end !

    Carnic : Oh yes. Praise be to God. May peace be upon him

    Shiva : Vomitoriums! Thats some imagination going there !

    Manu : Legit !?!! big sigh !

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