Poles Apart.

The last few weeks in the gym have been trying. Trying on the limbs. Trying on the mind. All that trying harder has simply meant harder effort & a focused mind. And no visible result.

Strategically placed on the walls, are photographs of some six pack or eight packs or their incremental variants. The enlarged images are supposed to give you inspiration. They, on the contrary, end up giving a huge complex !

The one huge pack that stares back at me from the mirror is firmly placed and has been built over the years. And that geography is not changing in a hurry ! Tectonic shits can happen with continents. But, i guess, this is one body mass that has far deeper roots.

Fleeting glances have rested on well toned abs and muscles of appropriately clad men and women. As their muscles get flexed and the machines get worked on, the complex grows. The rate of growth of this complex is in no way connected to inflation or such other ‘growth’ trajectories. It outbeats all of them !

When the six packs on the wall descend to come alive in people next you, there almost a prayer that escapes the lips for the earth to open up !

Eating ‘naachini’ roti and drinking strange ( read karela and amla ) juices and sweating it out, is perhaps having a deeper impact on global http://healthsavy.com/product/lexapro/ warming and the macro economic picture, than on my body.

The trainer says the result will come. Focused questions on ‘when’ ( subtle indications that the ‘results’ better happen, in the ‘here and now’ ) have had the trainer suggest liposuction and such other subterraneous methods in the past to fellow ‘one-large-packer’s! That hint registered. Long back.

Many crunches, presses, lifts, bends & stretches later, the formidable single pack remains as formidable as ever. But the efforts continue in right earnest. Hope, they say, springs eternal. Some day, the concentrated capitalistic, single pack, acquired & amalgamated over years, will slowly dissipate. The mountains are broken stone by stone. No. Thats not a metaphor !

And then, comes this news. That the Chinese are taking to pole dancing. What was once done in dimly lit back strip joints is now seen as a ‘social’ activity.

If all of the current regime doesn’t work, pole dancing. Yes. That will do the trick for me. Thats the assurance i have given myself. And the prospect of heaving my lopsided body around a pole inst a sight to relish for my own eye.

But that is the whole idea. My grand plan. That is the thickly veiled threat ! That is the threat that looms large at me.

I haven’t abstained from sweets or sweated out better, ever since this emerged as an ‘alternative’ !

6 thoughts on “Poles Apart.

  1. HOBO says:

    I have read :
    Perseverance pays.

  2. manuscrypts says:

    arre, what chinese… sunday times had an article about desi aunties wanting to learn how to reach pole position 😀

  3. dinu says:

    so you are also trying it out 😛 I really want to .. but toooo lazy for this thing …. I am 180 cm and 62 kg I need more weightttttttttttttttttt

  4. shark says:

    Aww… its always difficult to loose the one-pack 😉 But then it pays. My husband gymmed for atleast 6 weeks before he could “see” any result 🙂

  5. Shiva says:

    🙂 Pole dancing looks very interesting

    I’m also having a great difficulty even to maintain continuity. One week of workout and one week of break .. much like how I blog…

  6. Kavi says:

    Hobo : Oh yes ! Perseverance pays. In practice it takes a while !

    Manu : ok. Ok. I am going to sweat it out more !

    Dinu : If only there was an exchange program !

    shark : 6 months..!!! I want to curl up !!

    Shiva : Talk of continuity !! sigh !

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