Standing. Rain. Refrain !

Well, they just stood there. As the rain Gods showed thier might & as the BMC ( a.k.a Corporation) stood on mute mode, these creatures stood their ground.

The schools declared holidays. Offices asked employees to work from home. Trains ran slow. On some lines they didnt. But oh these birds, they stood their ground!

The neigbourhood was out complaining about the BMC, while ignoring the plastic waste that each house was dumping into the rain water drains. Alyque Padamse came on TV & talked about the rains & BMC. Mahesh Bhatt came on TV & spoke about the rain & BMC. So did such other sundries with similar sundry subjects. The radio jockeys continued to babble. But these birds. Oh they never heard a thing. For they rain bathed like a carefree Romanian gypsy by the Mediterranean sea.

The car had water almost till the door handle. On the outside, thankfully. The number plate got washed away. Calls landed on the phone with bated breath and ‘hope all is ok, this is your first monsoon here’ refrain. All in concern. All in care.

The few minutes of panic ridden activity seems pointless when i look at these birds. A shake there. A ruffle here. A twitch of a feather. And a scratch with the beek. Standing without a care!

The rain continues to pelt for hours. Without pause. So much so, that it doesnt seem to be droplets of water but strings of water connecting earth and sky. In the continuity appearing like powerful strings that were standing still !!

So the rains were standing up. The commuters were standing. The school boys were standing. The office goers were standing. Men. Women. Cars. Buses. Dogs. Taxis. Cows. Neighbours. Autorickshaws. Buses. Security Gaurds. TV cameramen. Me. All standing !!

In contrast. Ruffling the unruffled feathers , in that distant terrace, so were the birds….!

7 thoughts on “Standing. Rain. Refrain !

  1. Pooh! says:

    Wonderful post! Love the comparison!

  2. Shiva says:

    Every year Mumbai experiences such a pour, nothing is being done by anyone. Some public awareness / clearing enchroachments / some saught of precautionary measures should help. Hope something is acted upon after all this standing…

    I can visualize the situation from the post.. Glad that you are safe.

  3. Priya says:

    Enjoying those hard hit rains and your first in mumbai as a full resident. Welcome huh.

    City is not planned n nothing can be done.

  4. Neelakantan says:

    Ah, how I miss the Bombay rains…

  5. Hobo says:

    Years back they watched from jungles & now from concrete jungles.
    Time is changing may be

  6. Anonymous says:

    bahon mein machliyan hoti hain aajkal,
    aankhon mein kajal nahi hota…
    seene mein dard itna hai parjanya ke aajkal,
    ki unse koi bhi kaam nahi hota.
    tum agar saath mein hote to maikhane mein jaam nahi hota,
    agar ravan ne kukarm nahi kiya hota to ram kabhi ram nahi hota,
    agar pratibha patil pehle aa gayi hoti to abdul kalam nahi hota,
    thakur baldev singh na hote to gabbar ke sir par inam nahi hota,

  7. Jeevan says:

    The Mumbai rain seems to fearing these years… there needs good structures to be watched. Let’s wish it less faces in future and to never.

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