Studying On Gas !

The effectiveness of any kind of training can be best assessed by, a change in behaviour, it is said! Sometimes the pangs of reality force a change in behaviour & consequently lead to a change in culture. And provide new ground for training & learning too !

Welcome to the new world of ‘fuel prices’. That the fuel prices will continue to move north is no longer dependent on an oil Shiek’s desultory shake of a hand in the middle of an afternoon slumber! There just isn’t enough oil available for all our needs.

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So, the gas prices will stay where they are. And perhaps head further NORTH ! In the meanwhile, the resilient human being with the need for survival, is already adapting.

The big cars are being traded for the small ones!
The small ones are being traded for two-wheelers
And two-wheelers are being traded for bi-cycles!

The trickle will indeed evolve into a torrent. Soon.

Its affecting every sphere of life. What we eat, where we go to, how we go there, what we do all get impacted. And by the way, how we study !

Fuel prices and how we study ?!?

That could sound distinctly distant. But this article in the New York Times describes how ! The tremendous increase in registrations for online courses was awing to read. A new wind is blowing. And that’s blowing towards online education!!

Students in the US are going online to study, just not being able to afford gas prices to commute to college & back. And the rest of the world will get there too! Work from home is already here to stay. The age for ‘study from home’ is now coming our way!

So what if fuel prices touch $ 200 per barrel. We have to find our way. The show, after all, must go on.

By the way, there is an unlikely segment that is laughing its way to the bank on the fuel price rise. Multiplex Theaters. Read the story here. Increasingly, it looks to be that the average American society is being shaped, in a theatre close by !

The show, after all, goes on !

3 thoughts on “Studying On Gas !

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  2. Hobo says:

    Very soon WATER ?
    May be…

  3. Shiva says:

    It will change the way we work too.. More people will start working from home. SOHO will gain popularity. A thoughtful post

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