A Vacation Rant

I am on vacation. Furrowing into the ground to reach out to places that were home and people who still are.

I write this from Bangalore ! A 21 degree temperature at the new airport was the welcome note ! First time at the new airport. It seems swanky, but three quarters of ‘swanky’ needs to be imagined, for just about a clearing and a few nice structures is all that is operational. Good beginning !

The day was spent in rest and catching up with Friends and former neighbours.

I see children who have grown taller. New shops that have come up. Same old friends with less /hair and more fab. Sorry infrastructure that has stayed sorry. The apartment with a new coat of paint.

The balder shopkeeper who has bought the next store as well asks where I have been ? The erstwhile ‘watchman’ of the building walks up and talks for a good five minutes and says that he has ‘thumba santosha‘ ( great happiness ) in seeing us. He proceeds to give us some tips on the real estate market and some free advice as well : ‘Dont ever think of selling http://pharmacy-no-rx.net/celexa_generic.html your flat ‘ ! He himself works at the RTO office !

A child who i used to play with smiles. She asks me, ‘ who i am ‘ ! An old neigbhour passes me by without recognising. I steal a glance at the mirror to check. There are new cars in the parking lot. New notices on the old notice board. The grass looks greener under the new paint scheme.

Memories hold the contrast better. The contrast becomes a story of debate. Both with the people i meet & with myself in the mind. ‘Ah, what happened to his college admission ?’ ‘You have a Nilgiris department store here…? Where were these guys when we were here..’ and such else.

In a years time, many things have remained here. Yet quite a few have changed. And i think thas the way the world is. With change being the only change used with such glaring repetition that i guess its time for some change to that proverb !

Tomorrow, we leave for Tirupati. Will continue writing accessing this page. If you have any special wishes let me know. I will pass them on !

9 thoughts on “A Vacation Rant

  1. manuscrypts says:

    oh, we’ve been fine here 🙂

  2. markiv says:

    bengaluruuuu?? why? oh well!

  3. Priya says:

    Just pray for all Kavi.

  4. for everyone and life itself. 🙂

    and hopefully for me to find someone in life as well :p

  5. Jeevan says:

    So nice, have a pleasant vacation kavi 🙂

    Some times in the rapid change we become strangers of our home.

  6. HOBO says:

    A wish : Help me to help others.

  7. Pearl says:

    I love your attention to detail and how thoughtful your writing is.

    Write on, Kavi! I’ll be back!


  8. Kavi,

    I could relish each and every line of your post which is just your observation after a gap. I have felt the same many times. Wonderful feeling to be back at home and know the changes. Well written. I too appreciate your observation. So nice of you to have thought about us before going to Tirupathi.

  9. Kavi says:

    Manu : Oh yes ! I saw !!!!!

    mark : Yes. you know..!

    Priya : I did. And for more too ! For our collective futures. Will write on it separately too.

    GP : Conveyed sir !

    Jeevan : Yes. It was a great time. Thanks for all the wishes !

    Hobo : Its a good trait to have and to pray for it is doubly wonderful to note !

    Pearl : Thank you ! Its nice to note that you find it to your interest ! Do come back !!

    Balaji : Thank you ! It was a wonderful experience to go back. And see your own place changing. time has answers they say !!!

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