foolproof by waterproof !

Lets talk alliances, collaboration and innovation !

This news item caught me by surprise and had me thinking for a while. It talks about a wonderful collaboration between Dupont & the Indian Postal Service !

Dupont and India Post ?!?! Well, that was my expression too.

Well, they have come up with a water proof envelope, specially for having Rakhi’s ( as in the ornamented thread tied by a sister & not the (in)famous woman who wears one, for clothes) dispatched.

Its the Raksha Bandhan season ! And for all of Rs. 5 /- you get a Dupont engineered water proof envelope that has been lapped up by junta !

The Rakhi itself is more about sentiments than symbolism. So, if its going to take an extra three rupees for that sentiment to travel well, so be it.

It makes sound business sense. Doesn’t it ?!? And its pretty refreshing to figure that India Post is keeping its ears to the ground. I haven’t visited a post office in ages. And my bet is, that must be the case with most of you reading this page ! That doesn’t matter. The post man and India Post still stay relevant to the nation !

For instance, did you know, that there is still a post card available for as little as 25 paise ! For many, that makes a difference !! On the other end of the spectrum, did you know that India Post has acquired its own aircraft to get connectivity going fine !?!

Some path breaking work continues to happen out there. I guess the battle to stay relevant is well and truly on.

And with such waterproof innovations, staying relevant will be foolproof !

4 thoughts on “foolproof by waterproof !

  1. Priya says:


    My grand father always used writing in a post card till the end and thaz how we replied. Sometimes it has annoyed when he used to write even personal notes to us, but in the end all matters is it comes with love.

  2. HOBO says:

    Innovative Idea.
    Claps for them…

  3. manuscrypts says:

    wow!! amazing stuff!!

  4. Kavi says:

    Priya : The post card rocks. I love them. Infact, thinking of buying a few!

    hobo : loudly please !

    manu : Yes ! I agree ! The marketer speaks !

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