Fortune in the elevator

It was in school that i read this short story by R.K. Naryan titled ‘An Astrologer’s Day’ ! I distinctly remember that day. For it was on that day that my faith in Palmists, parrots, tarot cards, star alignment et al came crashing down !

That day marked the beginning of a deep suspect of the astrologer. So, every time there is an odd astrologer who makes a prediction about Sonia Gandhi staying in power or the Indian cricket team losing or the stock markets gaining steam and the bread & butter ‘based on this chart, this girl well be able to sexually satisfy this man in bed’, i wonder what else could be the angle !?!

This ad brought me back those memories !

It is with some deal of amusement that i hear my fortune for the day dutifully read out. Sample this : ‘your intuition and unconscious thoughts is always high, and it will become even more pronounced now. Pay close attention to business, and financial affairs. Temporary sacrifices will pay off in the long run. Apply your management skills to personal matters”

There is no line which you can dispute ! Of course finances need to be looked at. Duffer, temporary sacrifices lead to bigger pay offs in the long run….! You cant dispute universal truths can you. Nevertheless, to deviously win an argument i decided to read it again in the evening after the day was done.

I proclaimed with the triumphant banter of a small time chieftain : All of this is humbug ! I was asked why ? ( By you know who ). I said there was no conscious point in time where all of what was written was particularly true !

In response to which, each line was carefully read out. And special emphasis placed on ‘intuition and unconscious thoughts always high’. And then the judgement was pronounced : If the thoughts were unconscious, of course, i wouldn’t feel them !

At the altar of the believers, my case rests. May your reading in tomorrow newspaper talk about finding your love mate in the attic. Or in the balcony. Wherever.

4 thoughts on “Fortune in the elevator

  1. Jeevan says:

    I lose hope on these 🙂

  2. Capitalist exploitation of peoples’ weakness..This entire “astrology mania”..Sad!

  3. HOBO says:

    Astrologers ?
    Are they existing ?
    I doubt.

  4. Pearl says:

    Ahhh. I see a man who has passed on to the next life. His name starts with an “M”, or an “S”. He wants you to know that he finally understands and that he is at peace.



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