Social Networking & a road trip !

I read this at Neelakandan’s place. A link to a country wise popularity index of different social networking sites.

India has two finishes in the ‘Top Three Countries’ !

And that is on Linked In & Orkut. Am i hearing you beat your chest and thump your thighs in pride !! Well, it sure must be a natural reaction.

What can these perhaps indicate ?

The Linked In ( chart topper in the comity of nations !) position was a surprise. Do we continue to be a nation in perpetual ‘job seek’ mode ?!? Now, i am aware that Linked In has other benefits too.

But a top position beats the wits end out of me ! Our employment exchanges ( does anyone remember the government body ?) hangover continues i guess. Only now, they have moved on to more sophisticated & elegant platforms with other benefits thrown in too ! It sure is a useful site : ‘To Network’ they say !! Sure we know.

Speaking of Orkut, i thought we merited a higher finish ( a third place finish behind Brazil & Paraguay is a little bit of an odd surprise ! Every high profile crime investigation had a trial by the victim or the accused’s Orkut page ! So..

And i guess other sites including Big Adda etc etc are akin to cricket in India ! Famous. But not Olympic recognised !!

Twittering seems to be a way of life in Japan and the USA ! I don’t think India would have qualified !!!! But am sure we will win hands down, soon. Twitter is a personal preference these days. Its fun & and has instant intrigue woven in !

Ok, How does this tweet sound :

“What does it take to go on a vacation. A short one though ?” This one can get you started thinking about a vacation. At least that’s what it did to me. hat tweet got me started on planning for a short holiday !

Well, for one ( at least this time around ), here’s what it has taken thus far.

a. a day’s leave
b. absence from the Independence Day celebration at the apartment
c. Some planning
d. some enthusiasm to see & learn
e. drawing up energy to go some distance
f. some money ! ( that has the last word )

Well, all of that means, we are off on a road trip. We are supposed to start tomorrow early morning. It is a function of how quickly we are up. But we better be up if we are to cover the distance ! The distance is not much per se, but i haven’t been on the road, for this long (as planned) in a while.

So the trunks are loaded & the bags are packed. The cameras. Sun Glasses. Umbrellas. Snacks. Mobile phones. Maps. Medicines. And the like have been loaded.

Am sure i will post a lorry load on my return or on the way as well. The telephone networks permitting.

The twittering will continue through the day(s) ! Do look up !

8 thoughts on “Social Networking & a road trip !

  1. HOBO says:

    Enjoyyyyyyyyy !!!

  2. Priya says:

    Will wait to see ur reat pictures once u comeback. Have a great trip:)

    LinkedIn- This is wat I feel. Even if u r a member, only if working u can network. Very much for IT guys and recruiters and business people.

    Orkut- Hmm just an another place like facebook to vent something. No privacy anywhere.

    Twitter- U vent again wat comes to mind.

    With too many sites our mind wanders for popularity and having too many people in gropus. But whatz the point showing I have so many members in my profile. Does that help anyway?

  3. Jeevan says:

    Am unaware of this Linkedin, I wonder what is there to get first place in rank.

    Have a wonderful journey kavi, waiting to share you interesting experience.

    Happy Independence day!

  4. dinu says:

    Happy Independence Day

    I am yet to try linkdin … howz it?
    been on orkut , twitter etc…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kavi,

    Wishing shanti and you a wonderful vacation!


  6. Neelakantan says:

    Er, can you change my spelling please 🙂

  7. Raj says:

    Hope you had a great time at Goa, looking fwd to read abt it!


  8. Kavi says:

    Hobo : Thanks ! We had a great time

    Priya : I dont think it helps at all. I guess it serves vanity well. Nothing else ! And yes, the pictures are coming !

    Jeevan : Linkedin is a professional networking site ! Loads of people are on it !

    Dinu : Linkedin is pretty good. Good professional connects and contacts. It does help. To a point.

    Niru : Thank you !

    neelakanktan : Sorry. Big time ! Will take care the next time around.

    Raj : Thanks a ton Raj ! The posts are coming !

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