The Lady with the broom !

Just outside the Church of Bon Jesus was this lady. A glint from her nose ring caught my eye and my then my eyes just refused to leave the lady ! She moved with great elegance. As she spoke to a few of her colleagues i saw in her, a certain poise and a certain level of composure which i haven’t seen in many an individual in a long while.

Her broom stick caught my attention too. It was rather unique and the fact that it was ‘maintained’ well, was obvious ! The broom slowly lead me to see how they rested in the arm of the lady.

Many minutes later, i saw her go about sweeping the compound. With elegance, with patience and a certain degree of perfection. Ensuring the last leaf was removed and every visitor had nothing to look at but the church itself !

She smiled, she had a cheerful blabber ( i couldn’t follow what she was speaking) & a keen eye looking for the specks of dust or dirt which needed to be removed !

I wonder where does this commitment come from ? Can it be imbibed ? Can it be, at all, taught. What could be her vision ? What could drive her ? What would be her annual Key Result Area ? Will she have an appraisal …?

Passion shows up. Whether you clean the floor or build a few !

She stays in my mind. She doesn’t know, but in just going about doing her work she taught me a few things. And when i toss the odd paper carelessly on the desk or review a quickly drafted email, i remind myself of the lady. Her elegance and the poise. The well cradled broom in the arm and the dedication to completing a simple chore with perfection & energy. And joy !

The glint of the nose ring seems to be a message ! A divine one. I call it the broom stick message !

6 thoughts on “The Lady with the broom !

  1. Priya says:

    When she thinks she has to do it perfect and neat, commitment comes from witin.

  2. Kavi says:

    Yes…And what makes her think that she has to do it in the most perfect way..!? thats my intrigue

  3. Priya says:


    Ther are certain traits that comes from the family and friends. To be perfect depends on person to perosn how they wanna do. For eg., if u like to keep ur car clean and shiny, u see that u keep cleaning and washing every other day or a week and so do some in their work.

  4. Swatantra says:

    Hi Kavi!

    Your observation is marvelous! I believe it is her attitude which is reflecting in her… Whatever work you do if you have a certain attitude about yourself being happy you will put best into everything!

    If u look closely she is holding the broom like someone will hold a small baby and for her it is her baby!

    Thanks for sharing this photo! A real example of positive attitude!

  5. Shiva says:


    You are gifted to see and hear subtle things around. Not many will even notice such a rarity

    One of your best! Loved it

  6. Gov says:

    The broom stick message !

    Will remember it 🙂

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