The Road Trip ! Mumbai To Goa

A magical roadtrip would include

Fantastic roads
Green ghats & hill stations
A slight drizzle
Overcast skies
Limited oncoming traffic
Fast car. Clear directions
Good music
Uncrowded & pristine beaches
Portugese architecture & history
Indian minds
Shack food
Great company

That is as magical as it could get. Especially so when its Goa by road !

Thats exactly what we had.

I have come back with about 800 snaps and a million memories. Perhaps more. As much as this was a holiday, it was also some time for intense reflection, juggling of thoughts, discovering of the self through konkan coastline, cuisine and people. We are back in Mumbai with perhaps a lorry load of each.

So much so, that there is realisation that much more needs to be done. Much more ! I am already having a difficulty of excluding the many pictures from being posted here ! But still thats the choice that i have to make ! So, you will find some snaps here and more as we go along !

Overall, it was a great trip.

And my new theory is Goa is great. Especially in the monsoons. So the off season is really the season of seasons !

Here are some snaps ! The details follow !

At Fort Aguada

The Road

Beside the Road

Approaching rain at Calangute Beach

Bambolin Beach

Bright Red. Bright Yellow. All seem to be preferred exterior colours !

The Independence Day Spirit

Caves Up the mountains

A church on the way to Calangute

14 thoughts on “The Road Trip ! Mumbai To Goa

  1. Anonymous says:


    Never heard of these beach names u know. Something to research for the future.

    My favo’ pics are 5, 8 and 9. 800 snaps u better open and join in Flickr.


  2. HOBO says:

    re-freshing memories…
    Beer ?
    cheers !!!

  3. awesome pics, looks like you had a gala time…

    which camera and what kinda lenses did you use? just curious you see..

    keep writing !!!

  4. oh superb, simply superb, rain, the trees, the beach, the trip. I love long drives.

  5. keep the pictures coming..

    btw, isn’t it great to take pictures just after the rain? the greens just come alive!


  6. Kavi says:

    Pria : Goa is filled with beaches. And each has a name and i am told, ‘a character’ to it. The only character i saw in all was a pristine loveliness !

    Hobo : yes. And i do know you went on a road trip there as well ! Am sure you have such memories too

    Avenger : Thank You ! Yes we had a great time. I am using a Canon S5. And no major lenses !

    GP : yes. I took care that i either clicked or drove. Not the two together. You know from whom i learnt that !

    Sundar : You bet ! The greens just come alive and stay for long in your mind too !

  7. Neelakantan says:

    Bombay to Goa in the rains…doesnt get better than that…

  8. Pooh! says:

    The greenery n the beaches! Amazing.. Goa beckons.. sometime soon..
    thanks for sharing your experiences

  9. Jeevan says:

    It’s indeed pleasure, the green mountain and coconut tree beaches. Lovely kavi 🙂

  10. Carnic says:

    Superb….yet another chance of visiting goa went by…better luck next time….

  11. Shiva says:

    Amazing pics!

    Goa is a heaven on earth..

  12. I love that Konkan coast, and the lush greenery of the monsoons. Beautiful pictures!

  13. oliver says:

    i love the photos 🙂

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