The Spring of Renewal

Snap clicked somewhere after Dindigul, from the alley way of train no: 6732

So, we are back ! It was one heck of a trip ! A trip that took us to Bangalore, Tirupati, Madurai & Coimbatore & back here. Air. Road. Rail.

Such trips often leave me tired. This one has left my body a trifle tired, but mentally, it has left me rather reflective. Of blessings. Challenges. The past. Present. The days ahead. Parents. Fellow travellers. Friends. And so on.

A rich kaleidoscope of colour and multi hued images have come to reside with me. Faces. Shadows. Silhouettes. Full pictures. Images. Each face has had many stories to tell. Each story has had so many parts and i have been privy to only some facets of them ! In memories we are richer.

The feeling that there is a larger purpose over and beyond everything else seems to be taking a firmer footing. In the feeling of belongingness we are richer.

My riches, i will share here, in the days to come. It may or may not be useful. After all, foreign currency is a another piece of metal in native land ! It sure gives me a good feeling to share though! So, will do.

In the meanwhile, tomorrow, work will dawn along with the rising sun. And i know that as i would wear my shoes to work, there sure will be a spring from somewhere within. The tiredness in the body is worth enduring to get that spring in the step.

Ah. That spring of renewal !

8 thoughts on “The Spring of Renewal

  1. Swatantra says:

    Amazing! Very true picture of renewal of spring!

    May GOD bless you with the power of strength as green this picture is!

  2. magical words 🙂 an epic journey to admire the epic world. i love to see more.

  3. dinu says:

    great photo 🙂

  4. Raghesh says:

    It is so true of the journey of life!!!! On so many occasions in Life, one feels as if one is watching a well made movie and being sucked into the emotives and cognitives of the present scene and struggling desperately and even willing the characters onscreen to behave as you would want them to behave, only to find that the Director (Capital D on purpose) had other plans.

    One feels a sense of helplessness at the way in which the movie unfolds and wishes it panned out the you wanted it. And then just as you were getting a hang of what the Director was trying to do, the credits start rolling and you figure you had no say in the movie, in the first place. When the movie finishes, the turbulence of emotions and the angst of the moment in the dark seat of the theater (where you feel so alone) passes to give way to the light outside with its multitudes of inane necessities.

    Life, I guess, is one series of movies, some, of events which drain your emotion as they force you to feel (and reach deep within yourself)… and some, that resemble the song-n-dance scenes of Hindi movies that provide the much needed break between the heart wrenching scenes.

    Over a period of time, it seems futile to make an attempt to understand life (or a movie for that matter) because the canvas, the cast and the crew making the movie are so vast that the only thing one can do is to say a Bravo to a Ardh-Satya or fall down the seat after watching Hungama or just deciding to watch it all pass by and sip a cup of tea with thoda sa Chini Kum….

    Probably, enjoyment in life is about experiencing oneself without judgemental of others and hoping they will do the same…therein lies the catch…leading to unhappiness…In your expectation from others…

    But, yes, every dawn brings a spring, that is lush green or even golden to harvest which proverbially puts the spring in your step…. Good God I am rambling….but I enjoyed it….. Thanks for the space….Raghesh

  5. Shiva says:

    Glad that you had some time off and enjoyed..

    Cant believe it was taken from the train..Superb!

  6. Priya says:

    Nice shot. Is that a watch house at night time during cultivation or a memorial?

  7. Kavi says:

    Swatantra : Thank you ! your message sure helps

    GP : Thanks for staying ! More posts come.

    Dinu : Thank You !

    Raghesh : Powerful words. Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for taking the time out to write. It sure helps ! yes. The movie constantly unfolds. Doesnt it !

    Shiva : Yes. Renewal helps. Doesnt it !

    Thanks for the comment on the picture !

    Priya : Thank you. I would imagine it to be more of a pumpset home !

  8. Jeevan says:

    freshness paddy! i guess its a small temple in mid of field. hope u enjoy this long trip.

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