Ganpati Says Good Bye !

‘Visarjan’ was a familiar term, i thought. I had heard that somewhere. But just couldn’t place that term correctly ! Nevertheless, that is a term Mumbaiites are very familiar with. Thats when the Ganapati festival comes to an end. Thats when the ‘elephant God’ is ‘immersed’ !

The fervour of the festivity is best experienced and not seen on TV. The TV may come to your living room, but its not quite there ! Thats a profound affirmation thats gotten reconfirmed after seeing Visarjan at the Powai lake !

There is colour. Noise. Music. Dancing. Synchronised bands. Festivity. Pious devotees. Vada Paavs. Policemen. Balloon sellers. Trinket sellers. All dot the landscape. Along with sundries like us.

Endless streams of lorries transport Ganpatis from their respective locations to water bodies and Powai being one of them, we go to experience Ganpati in all forms. The lorries and tempos have Ganpatis & some ‘prasad’ being distributed from the vehicle itself ! It was quite a sight ! There was a huge crane, presumably to lift the heavier Ganpatis and we saw a few of them too ! Each lorry was preceeded with music and dancing ! This sure was an experience to remember !

And when Ganpati turned his back and faced the lake and the water, all set to be immersed, i am sure he must have wondered what i was looking in awe for ! And in that moment, those majestic eyes on the idol seemed to come alive and convey to me the inheritance of a culture. A way of life. Of sharing joy, food and perhaps a renewal of hope to face the days ahead.

And then, they hoisted him on the crane ! And he was gone ! Just then i remembered that Visarjan used to be a term used to say ‘Parade Dismiss’ ( & go home ) during my National Cadet Corps days. A few pieces of the puzzle seemed to fall in place !

And as the Powai lake seemed to take him in, he blobbed up one more time. Wet, yet regal in all finery and decoration. I wonder if it was to check if i got the message right!

5 thoughts on “Ganpati Says Good Bye !

  1. the festival of gods. they always teach us alot. devotion and euphoria. its about the connection right?

    we see alot we learn alot. thanks for sharing kavi.

  2. Ganesh says:


    I think you got the term ‘Visarjan’ confused with the term ‘Vishram’. Visarjan means immersion of idols.

    Vishram is the term used in NCC during marches. Vishram means to relax. Savadhan means to be at attention.

  3. As a Christian, I look forward to such festivities, especially for the food and joy.

    I enjoy the goodies that we get in varieties from several friends.

    Most imporantly, the joy that my friends bring into my home is priceless.

  4. Kavi says:

    GP : The gods act in mysterious ways..esp in mans mind !

    Ganesh : Am not so sure..They had a term for ‘parade dismiss’ ! What was that..!?! Am not so sure..

    Praveen : Ah the food..and the addition to the hips ! LOL

  5. Jeevan says:

    Seems u had a great experience in this procession to immersion. Nice video.

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