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When you travel for work, but get to see some sights and insights as on-the-house, you cant but thank your stars. I have been doing that for some time now, and thanking my stars as well.

Here are some pictures from Cochin. I am tempted to add, ‘On popular Demand’. But i let it be. These of course are some better pictures !

We stayed very close to water ! A curious water way, which had big ships, small boats and weeds all kissing the surface air & setting the background for cameras like mine ! To add to this, was the setting sun and morning brightness that provided the scope to play with light.

Our travel guide informs us that ‘motor boats’ are banned. And then, hastens to add, that only one type of ‘motor boat’ is allowed. That which runs on ‘an engine that does not damage’the water beings, he says.

I nod my head. He perhaps senses my thoughts. And explains a little more. The camera goes click, click. There is always an exception to the rule.


The Sun sets behind the coconut trees. And as he sets, and takes the light along with him, the resplendent glory of ‘what was there’ just a couple of hours before remains. So is the hope of the tomorrow where the same sun on a new day will emerge.

That is nature. And man being part of nature, cant be beyond this ! The days of the past are glorious. So are the days ahead. Possibilities abound. There is light beyond the coconut bearing trees.


Its evening. We ‘business tourists’ settle down with refreshments in hands, two Kathakali artist perform. They perform a story of amorous passion and righteousness. I watch in awe, as the twitch of eyebrows, lips and elaborate movements of the hand, convey so much meaning.

Post the show, i walk upto them, and say, that it was nice and i liked it.

These are weary men, who look up, say ‘thank you’ and carry on with the packing. Unenthused. Either they didn’t care or they were used to such comments. I think its more of the former. After learning an art, you perform for the sake of an ‘illiterate’ audience, for them to ‘appreciate’ your culture, day in and day out, would you care ?


As the sun was kissing its goodbyes to the water, the entire world seemed going crimson ! Perhaps because it was an intimate moment that i was capturing. Me and my delusions refuse to fizzle away.


Am now back in Mumbai. Upon landing here, someone said, ‘its so hot here’. ‘Just like Cochin’.

Carelessly tossing his luggage strap across the shoulder, another replied, ‘its the same sea’ !

The same sea. Yes. But a sea of difference !

13 thoughts on “Images from Cochin

  1. Kavi, Something for you at my blogsite….

  2. dinu says:

    hope you enjoyed your stay 🙂

  3. HOBO says:

    too good pics specially the last one…
    Claps Kavi. I wish to meet you someday.

  4. Great pictures and commentary.

    And isnt it so “Mumbai” for whoever made that comment about “its the same sea….” 30 years ago they called these things PJ’s.


  5. Pooh! says:

    Nice pics! I have wonderful memories of a family trip to cochin and it is hard not to fall in love with the place

  6. Pearl says:

    Hello, Kavi.

    I like how you see. Prior to this, I had never heard of Cochin, had idea where Cochin is — and now I have looked it up!

    Regarding the dancers, I think you are right. I had the same experience in Puerto Vallarta.


  7. Ms Cris says:

    Lovely Cochin. Especially love the second pic – cant really figure out if its a sunset or a rise!

  8. Gov says:

    Try Wayanad next time….

  9. Kavi says:

    Ugich : Thank You ! For the award ! it indeed is special that its coming from you. Will continue to make big noise about small things.

    Dinu : Oh yes ! Enjoyed it. And had a wonderful conference. Thats more important, i guess ! Will catch up with you next time !

    hobo : thank you ! yes, I sure would like to meet you sometime and get to know the person behind all the journeys !!

    ugich : Ah LOL !! They still are called PJs ! That makes PJs one of the longest surviving forms of communication. Now, my writing here, smells of a poor PJ and i better stop !!! 🙂

    Pooh : yes. Its a fabulous place. Clean and picturesque. And literate too !!! Thank You !

    pearl : Thanks. I should have linked up cochin on wiki. Nevertheless, will bear in mind for future times.

    Indeed interesting that it is a worldwide phenomenon that when you convert a passion to a job, the handshake is limp !

    Ashok : Long time !!! How have you been ?!? thanks mate. If it comes from you, i know the pics are some where there !

    Ms Cris : Thank You ! It is a sunset..!

    Gov: Thanks for the tip. have heard about Wayanad quite a bit. will have to get there sometime…!

  10. Carnic says:

    boss…u have a fan club must say. seems like they wake up reading ur blog!!!! some nice pics…reminds me of my kerala trip. motivates me to go on chutti…and also pull out my camera….

  11. Priya says:


    Same see but different image is well said. Looks like bombay has made u a traveller and its good to know and see many places. Did u eat fish ther?

  12. Aleta says:

    Lovely pictures and your commentary brings wings of poetry to mind.

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