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I knelt down on her command. I followed every word that he said. She made me dream. When i was with him, i saw a future that, till then, seemed far removed. She taught me kindness. He taught me firmness. I learnt the importance of respecting women from her. He made me run the earth. When she pinched me, it hurt.

When he made me run, i wondered why. She gave me killer looks and i straightened up, usually. He simplified. She cast me as James Bond. He made me a cadet captain. She told me, ‘i was a champion. He made me believe so. She caught me lying. He put me under the arc lamps.

Both of them stood by the sidelines. Clapping. Sneering. Cheering. All in my good interest. And helped me become who i am.

To the world, ‘He’ and ‘She’ go by the name of teachers. I call them sculptors. The many who are described above.

To them, i owe.

Some names are here. This is my way of saying thank you !

Elango. Viji Seetharaman. Marcus Rodrigs. Prakash Vel. Tirupura Sundari. David Amrutharajan. Vijay Kumar. Subramanium. AS Selvaraj. Ameena David Liolex. Rozarios. Chandra Bai. Thankamani. Seralathan. Alagappan. DeMontee. Prathiba Chaddhar. Vasuki Thai. Martin David. Vasantha Durai. Grace Margaret. Rajendran. Radha Nagarajan. John Britto. Thirumalai. Shanti Mohan. Dhanalakshmi Ravikumar. Rajkumar Gupta. Nedumaran. Revathy. Thavamani. Sudhakar. Gnanam. Manoharan. Vedaraj. Jerelene Rajee. Raja Venkatesh. Lizzy George. Chandrakumar. Mahalingam. Alphonse. Diwakar. Ruth Ashley. Venkat Ram. D Jeevaraj. Malini Renganathan. Mrs.Krishnamoorthy. Mr. Mathai. Graha Rajendran. Prabhakaran. Meenakshi Srinivasan. Joseph Zacchariah. Barnabas. Reuben. Subbiah. Ayyapan. Iqbal. Mohan Ram. Rajendra Pandian. Sudharkar. Eben Jeyapaul. Nagamani. Subbiah Doss.

And many more.

Somewhere in that list dont figure amma & appa. Professors in their own right. Our first teachers & life long ones at that.

Their lives are worth a celebration all year long. Teacher’s day is just a day.

9 thoughts on “Owe Post

  1. //Their lives are worth a celebration all year long. Teacher’s day is just a day.//

    their lives are worth the celebration all eternity. our paths and foundations are laid by them.

    i admire you for remembering all their names. 🙂

    Happy Teachers Day.

  2. HOBO says:

    amma & appa – The first teachers who make us learn how to walk.

  3. Kavi says:

    ms Cris : Thank you !

    GP I couldnt help agree more that they leave a mark on eternity !

    Hobo : Oh yes ! They were. And they still are !

  4. Shiva says:

    A poetic gesture of gratitude.. It;s beautiful and adorned with many pinches 🙂

    So many teachers …Wow

  5. Carnic says:

    leolex, prakashvel, zaccariah….memories!!!!

  6. loved the last comment..

    dont you find that teachers are able to leave real long lasting memories compared to others you interact with?


  7. Jeevan says:

    WOW!! That wonderful kavi, u r too memorable!

  8. Kavi says:

    Sundar : You bet. They are just there with you. Because they make you !

    Jeevan : Thank you ! I remember my teachers well !

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