Tell Tale Signs !

Our road trip from Mumbai to Goa saw us see some amazing roads and fantastic weather.

And hey, the camera also spotted some wonderful road signs. I guess my expectation of the creative talent of those in the Highways department was rather skewed to what was indeed reality.

There seems to be some passionate soul(s) who seems to peep out of every other road sign with a ‘differently’ written out message on road safety ! I clicked some and many others, just whizzed by!!

Image 1

This message was so poignant to me ! The number of drivers with fast machines who thought they were in a Formula One race was not funny. But this sign, set the tone, reminding all that this was indeed a highway. The first time i saw this, an auto smile popped up ! For i encounter morons who think roads are runways. So.

Image 2

This was lucid enough but for the word alignment ! At first glance, as we whizzed past the sign and i read it as ‘Everything is fine in an Italian Accident’. Thinking of it as a work of an ardent Congress party loyalist, we slowed the car down and backed the car up just to re-read the sign post. Relief descended. We drove on !

Image 3

How much more cryptic can you get ?!? Four words. But the message was through loud and clear. Surprisingly we had some good mobile network coverage through most parts of the drive. I guess this sign was indeed warranted!

Image 4

If previous image had four words. This one had three ! This also seemed to hold a message for life & living. Atleast, i would like to think so. ‘Slow & Steady wins the race’ is cliched and passe !

‘Fast Wont Last’ is here, ladies and gentlemen. How cool !

Image 5

For those who have a preference for tea, here is something. I wonder whats is ‘safe’ tea! Perhaps one that you can drink after reaching the safe confines of the destination. Made by a ‘safe’ person..! What is it ?

Image 6

How more direct can this be said ?!? I take a bow !

Image 7

This seems to be a valiant attempt ! But still, it read different. It took a couple of 10 seconds to fully understand what was getting said. But it did sink in !

Image 8

That one was for me. I am happy they are proud of me ! The ultimate recognition from the Highways department….

Ok. Lets get very real here. Well, i am not the best of drivers.
But then that’s not the best of English grammar either. So !

16 thoughts on “Tell Tale Signs !

  1. Ms Cris says:

    Great Collection. I am grabbing my camera next time. Harder part though is keeping my eyes open – they always miss the good stuff. Ok thats ingratitude, I mean some of the good stuff 😀
    Keep clicking!

  2. Vijay says:

    Superb pictures; nice compilation!

  3. this is really really good. the messages are there, funny and point blank. well you did alot on the road trip! now ill lookout for any. 🙂

  4. Great signs.

    What warms the heart is this great effort at coomunication by the highways department, in a language they are trying to be good at, and trying to convey something that is really very very important. It shows an understanding of the profile of a typical driver on this particualr highway.

    Maybe its a ploy also to interest drivers to slow down, read and chuckle a bit. Keeps the speed under control.

    As for the grammar , who cares 🙂

  5. 🙂 good ones! Very few people pay attention to such details. Who ever said government employees (I don’t like calling them servants!) are not creative and don’t want to work.

  6. dinu says:

    good one 🙂

    I liked the first one

  7. Priya says:

    Good ones. I think it makes people to slow down, read and go and have time to take rest on the go.

  8. HOBO says:

    Great Informative Post.
    Claps !!!

  9. Jeevan says:

    Kavi u have an award waiting in my blog, do check 🙂

  10. these signs are a menace to good driving..


    on the bright side, one dies laughing when trying to read the Italian reference sign!

    a great sign can somehow be a great distraction from the road. I am sure the woman in the budweiser billboard in Santa Clara here is single handedly responsible for dispatching a lot of guys upwards!

    just saying…

  11. Anonymous says:

    You will love the road signs in Lhadak authored by the Border Security Road department.They have a wicked sense of humour. Sample one- “I know you like my sharp curves. Take your time and enjoy”! 🙂


  12. Kavi says:

    Ms Cris : Thank you ! Good luck with the eyes & the camera !

    Vijay : Thank you ! Thanks for stopping by !

    GP ; Thanks ! We had a good trip. Some snaps, a few lines and the depleted bank account remain ! 😉

    Ugich : Oh yes ! The grammar ! who cares ! And it indeed was a pleasure to see these signs !

    babu : yes ! Whoever said that, needs to think again. There are pockets of excellence. And here goes one !

    Dinu : thank you ! yes. I liked it too !

    Priya : Oh yes. It makes people smile as they drive by. That was our experience

    Hobo : Thank You

    Jeevan : Thanks for the award ! Appreciate it ! You are an inspiration!

    Sundar : These signs come nowhere come close to the Budweiser billboard ! So, i guess while that billboard gets people ‘upwards’, these signs get people moving on !

    Atleast thats what happened with us !


    And yes. Italian Accident ! 🙂

    Niru : 🙂 Thats a good one ! We had something like ‘Go easy on the curves’ here as well. But i couldnt click a snap !

  13. Pearl says:

    Hi, Kavi.

    I think Minnesota could use a couple of these signs, although “everything is fine until a Canadian accident” conjures up images of, perhaps, not cars but moose or even children who say things like “I’m going oot”.

    I need a digital camera!


  14. Shiva says:

    Wow! Very well captured and I’m wondering how you had the patiance to stop at these signs to shoot these snaps. “No Mobile when Mobile” and “Fast won’t last” were ultimate. I’ll forward the post to one my friends who was asking me for such slogans


  15. Ganesh says:

    Fantastic post, Kavi. Something absolutely different. Thanks.

  16. I had come across some such hilarious signs while on a road journey from Manali to Leh, courtesy Border Roads Organisation (BRO).

    I do understand I got to appreciate that an earnest effort is being made to convey meaningful messages for safety of the travellers. And I do, but can’t help chuckling at the humour.:)

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