The Two Minute Tale !

It was 7.23 am. I was getting into my trousers to get to work, hurriedly stealing glances at the clock that emits a tick for each moment it packs into eternity. My lovely mrs. remarked glancing at the same clock, ‘By this time we were married’.

That was years ago. This day. I froze for a moment. The scenes of that tumultuous day(s) made a kaleidoscope of a comeback.

The photographers continued to have dictatorial powers through the entire day. I changed costumes like an actor in a reality show. Alternating between dhoti, kurta, trousers and of course a suit. For some reason, till date, the mrs doesn’t understand the origins of my ‘weird‘ choice in going for a pale grey suit that looked ‘white’ under the lights !

I have agreed with her, like i generally do, and have quietly pointed out that if there was a fault line along choice, it permeated to ALL choices in life ! For i have no particular penchant for grey !! Or for suits, for that matter. That statement is usually met with a stoical silence !

The wedding itself went well. Friends came. Long lost relatives feigned smiles and made small talk for the video camera. Ego clashes thrived.

Both our parents were emotional. The bachelor friends smiled at me. They were still standing ! The married friends, were also smiling. For now, they had company, and one less of the bachelor tribe.

All in all, everyone was all smiles.

Thus started our journey ! From there on, we have meandered northward.

From Madurai. To Bangalore. Then on to Mumbai.

The ‘Rented apartment-Home Loan-Own Apartment’ cycle hit us. Ditto with the two-wheeler, four-wheeler evolution. The books have kept growing. New friends have continued to emerge. Wonderful neighbours live, lived and let us live. New connections continue getting established. Crazy decisions lead us to learning.

Saturday Tea & eating binges mean(t) new cloth sizes. We travel(lled). Have had our share of adventure. We take long walks, often arguing about a common subject, and sometimes just walking in each others presence.

The snaps that we click are ‘still’ images. Reminders of another moment in time. We lost money. Made money. Somewhere in betweenSaved some,. And still continue to repay loans. We are thankful for the roof over our heads.

Most important, we seem to have learnt from all.

We would like to believe we have grown ! And i think we have. Atleast, we seem to think of things differently. Wonderful parents from whom we learn on a minute to minute basis, and of course some phenomenal people who make our family & friends have pushed us there !

We saw people turn their backs on us. And we see new faces emerge. We meet people like Vanita & we resolve to journey on. We have hope that the tomorrow is going to be better for all of us. And so, we rumble on.

Between me and the mrs, interests & passions are on ompletely different ends of the spectrum.
Books Vs Arbid ( i call it so ) entertainment . Financial Prudence Vs Easy Living. Fitness Vs Taste Buds based living. Solitude Vs Socialising. Tamilzh Movies Vs Hindi Movies.

And such else.

Should i not be reasonably glad that we have clung on to each other.

After all she is the one who married the man, who chose a ‘weird ‘ pale grey suit. And i married the woman, who chose the man with weird choices !

‘Its 7.25 ! Are you just going to stand there. Dont blame me if you are going to get delayed…….’. Calls out the mrs.

At that call, trance evaporates. One heck of a six years spun by in two quick minutes. Life is like that.

I run.

8 thoughts on “The Two Minute Tale !

  1. kavi, this post really made my day, made me smile, made a definition. What remains of memories are the race, the rush. bt vividly so, we can remember all the details. its an exciting running around, and exciting journey. 🙂 She understands you well.

    Im really happy to have read this post.

    I will you all the best in this journey, many eternities to experience and many lives to touch.


    //if there was a fault line along choice, it permeated to ALL choices in life // —> LOL :p

  2. Shiva says:


    Just beautiful. Sometimes, I take things for granted when it comes to mrs. This is education for me. I Wish your long journey is as beautiful as these 6 years and may both you be blessed with the best of everything.


  3. Jeevan says:

    Very true, hope moves us in wake of better in life. One common thing chained the different ends is love and understanding. Wish your life is beautiful always 🙂

  4. Priya says:

    Such a sweet post Kavi. Time runs but not the day of memories isn’t it.

  5. dinu says:

    Happy Anniversary !!

    Man, your language is awesome 🙂 I am a huge fan of it .. 🙂

  6. Kavi says:

    GP : Thank you ! Your comment makes it doubly special ! I am glad it touched you. I am looking forward to see you get hitched too ! Much like my married friends at my wedding !

    Shiva : Thank you ! Every wishing and every blessing helps us along. Thanks a ton !

    Priya : Thank you ! And yes. The memories stay and you can replay them in a minute ! All of six years.. Or perhas a lifetime !

    jeevan : Thank You ! Yes. Hope keeps us going !

    Dinuu : Thank you ! You are very kind !

  7. marriage!!! 🙂

    it would certainly be beautiful, if I get married to the one I like. But life has plans we dont know. I shall wait. 🙂

    thx sar.

  8. Swatantra says:

    Congratulations! I alwyas get the cake and we write on it enjoy togetherness! As i believe inspite of having many different interest it’s the togetherness!

    I don’t know but all husband wifes have diffrent interest!

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