Horses For The Courses

They talk of studs. Stud farms. Jockeys. Race Courses. Fancy names. And so on. And yet, when i see a horse gallop, i always stop. Immaterial of whether it is pulling a gluttonous gent seated with imperial majesty on a ramshackle cart, or a ‘Polo” t-shirt wearing gent playing..polo !

Or for that matter, those boys who ply these majestic animals for prosaic tasks. Like a ride across a litter laden beach. Or a worse litter laden hill station. The setting hasn’t mattered. A horse always catches my attention.

I guess it started with an English lesson, i think it was in Class II, called ‘Black Beauty’. A tale of a black horse with a white patch on his forehead. I know i can never come to owning one. Nor would i want to.

But that doesn’t stop me from staring and looking at how majestic they are. This team intrigued me. They stood in all colour. Steady. And still. At a family deity’s temple close to Madurai. They stood in majestic style ooze. Even though one among them was headless. A hopeless vandal or a mischievous child would have done his or her bit to shape the landscape (sic) ! T

he steady white and the riot of colour on them, seem to give them a character. A character that,i thought gave these lifeless forms a strange double life ! After all, these were celestial horses. Meant for the Gods !

This was clicked outside a mall in Bangalore. The ‘false legged horse’ (Poi Kal Kudhirai) is a dance form that amazes me no end. An inanimate horse brought to life by a human being, who animatedly rides the inanimate horse, to synchronised music and a colour riot !

How better can it get ?

Well, for starters this can still continue to be a ‘performance’ and not compete with a marketing ‘offer’ or a sales promotion effort ! This demeans a dance form.

And oh, yes, demeans horses too !

5 thoughts on “Horses For The Courses

  1. Pearl says:

    What a beautiful and colorful world you live in, Kavi!


  2. Jeevan says:

    We hardly come across this! nice shots and terms.

  3. Aleta says:

    “Black Beauty” – oh how you made me smile. That was my favorite story when I was a little girl. I adore horses as well. There is something in their spirit that calls to the wild and untamed part of life. And the sound of their trott is almost a heartbeat rhythm.

    Thank you for this post. Beautiful.

  4. Cris says:

    Hullo! You have been tagged!

  5. Kavi says:

    Pearl : I would agree with you ! The colour in our lives are indeed distinct, varied and deep. Perhaps its helps us deal with life and all it has to offer to us better !

    Thanks !

    Jeevan : Really ? Well, the Poi Kal Kudhirai used to be ( still is ) a major rural dance form of south TN. I guess you dont get to see much of it in Chennai!
    Thanks !

    Aleta : Ah ! Black Beauty. Another reader called me up to let me know that she follows Black Beauty on Television. I didnt know that a TV series on this horse existed !

    And ah ! The trott..! Oh yes. The trott ! Those majestic hooves as they kicked the sand and moved ahead…a sight indeed.

    Thanks !

    And as a family we are oriented towards horses. My mom reminded me about that today. Will blog about it separately !


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