Meaning Matters. Part – II

This snap came via email from my brother. On a busy day, this provided relief. Brought back the smile to my lip and lifted some load off the heart. So, for this post, i am riding on someone else’s photograph !

Do take the time to read the banner. Such banners are marketing tools that you would find on nomadic tents, whose occupants peddle in herbal remedies. Claiming solutions to problems ranging from ‘Gas Trick‘ to ‘urine unable to come‘ to ‘all types of secret diseases‘ !!

As discussed earlier, the message must reach the receiver of the communication. And here, the message sure does. If the message didn’t, it perhaps is ‘because you are discourage‘ ! Or perhaps ‘stones are stored in your kidney‘ !

By the way, you get medicines on credit. If only you are in Government Service ! No wonder !! No wonder at all !!!!!


Clicked from my phone Mumbai.
Seen everyday. Never frequented.

Here is a shop that i pass by quiet often. Its name board has been of intrigue ! It gets the message out too. In its own free spirited manner !

Yes Boss. We are like this only !

10 thoughts on “Meaning Matters. Part – II

  1. Pearl says:

    These secret diseases of which they speak, are they only talking about the secret diseases in India, or can they help what ails the U.S.?

    I am also interested in gas tricks.


  2. Ganesh says:

    I don’t think even the compilers of the very venerable Oxford English Dictionary would be able to translate that to a more comprehensible language. I would love to see eminent personalities like W. Shakespeare, G B Shaw and others make sense of that board.


  3. “Are not working one with your body..” ….

    isnt that the truth ?

  4. when I was a kid, there was a shop directly behind what was the Pallavaram bus stand just before the airport stop

    it said “Xerox: done in English, Tamil , Telugu and Malayalam”

    it was there even in 1993 .. dont know about now..


  5. Jeevan says:

    it was funny reading the banner, anyway if someone understand is ok.

  6. Ms Cris says:

    You should really be in photo journalism!

  7. HOBO says:

    I am not sure how effective they are.

  8. ms cris put it very aptly, I can’t find better words. You should be in photo journalism.

  9. Kavi says:

    Pearl : LOL ! Well, who isnt interested in Gas Tricks ! Especially with the elections there !!! 🙂

    Ganesh : You have SOME wishlist !!

    Ugich Konitari : Oh yes. The whole truth ! The truth lies well within what they did write ! Well within

    Sundar : Ah ! And am sure they did it for 50 PS !! Will check out the next time i am there

    Ms. Cris : I havent thought about it..but thats a cue !

    jeevan : I guess so. I guess they make good business ! Enough for people to understand !

    HObo : Well, the ads..they are cute. I havent experienced the herbs !

    Nandu : Welcome here..Aila ! yes..thats how i read it too !

    Vivek : Sir..!! I have the day job, thats keeping me happy and the kitchen fire burning !

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