Soft Wares As A Service !

Clicked at Madurai Aug ’08

Staying with market innovations, here are examples of two ‘services’ that are offered. Soft Services. Or rather ‘soft’ ‘wares’ offered as service to customers !

In the hustle bustle of downtown Madurai, is this small store. It started out as a tea shop, and today, you get everything an office goer would need, from photocopying to hot coffees and idlis. And oh, by the way, you can also get your mobile phone’s battery ‘recharged’ here !

The business model is simple. If you are purchasing something from the store, be it an idli or anything else, the phone charging is ‘free’. If else, you’ve got to pay. No, its not a kings ransom. Its not even a sentry’s ! But how much hooked does it get you to go this store !

Clicked in Sion. Mumbai. Oct ‘8

This is a mobile ‘ear cleaner’ ! He moves around on foot, and i was impressed with the fine array of ear cleaning tools that he carried !

The chap cleans up your ear, for a pittance ( i am told ) and he does a great job ( i am told ) and he is supposed to have a clientele who would lend him their ears, gladly ! When i saw this soft ware in action last week, well, lets put it this way. I was impressed !

These soft wares are new to my eye. The first one : an innovation arising out of modern day living. The second, i guess was an age old practice that faded away. Looking novel to a modern day dweller !

Both soft wares. And both services that would come in handy. Charge up. Listen up !

6 thoughts on “Soft Wares As A Service !

  1. lol sar! super post 🙂

  2. Kavi, have seen the ear cleaner outside basant cinema..

    he must be really good.. I have a problem showing my ear to my ENT specialist or to San!

    the “lend him an ear” line was great!

    btw, there used to be a mallu guy selling chai on a stainless drum on the back of a bicycle outside the US consulate in CHennai 15 years ago.. he would also sell 840/- rupee demand drafts for 1000/-

    there were lot of people who did not know that there was a DD for 840 required as part of processing! and he would capitalize on this..

    now that….Chai and the timely DD!

    he must be some CEO by now.

  3. Jeevan says:

    I know later some shop recharge the cell phones in charge, but this idea is very attentive. Mobile ear clearer wonder me!

  4. Kavi says:

    GP : Thank You ! Are you seeing such in your sojourns here..?

    Sundar : I am sure you lend your ear to San. I understand that you may have a problem with it..but thats universal 🙂

    And talking of CEOs, well, he is yet to apply for a bailout. So do you think the chap has really made it ?!?

    Jeevan : Yes..both ideas were interesting to me !

  5. I have seen them back in Malaysia itself!!! when i was 5 or 6 there was still bicycle riding barbers, ear cleaners and even a traveling cinema 🙂 Memories of the motherland I cant source anywhere today.

  6. All these Soft-wares priced comfortably for the man on the road (as opposed to guys with fingers on the laptop, hands free in the ears, and tension in the head), upgrades that get applied automatically without any announcement & fanfares, and a dedicated set of clients who swear by the soft-ware……Bill Gates/Linus Torvalds , are u listening ?

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