A dilettante rants

I sit in the balcony. Looking at the moving clouds. That’s fast becoming my hobby of sorts. Book in hand, music to suit, a breeze to buffet thought, some home made coffee and of course, the clouds up there.

The clouds take many shapes up there. Of a cauliflower. Of a bathtub. Of a layer of paddy. And as the sun sets behind, the colour adds to all the glamour. It switches from a sepia tone to a crimson red. The building that occupies the foreground stays firm. The coating seems to change though.

I sit there and watch intently. The shape of my life, my times and my future seem to be best exhibited by the clouds up there. These are some snaps from that evening. Sitting at the same spot. Aiming at the same sun. And the same clouds. With the same buildings as the foreground. Time, they say, has many hues !

PS: Special thanks to all those readers who have been urging me to start a separate photo blog. That puts a spring in my step. An amateurish dilettante like me cant ask for more ! A delight to note that people indeed want to have more from me.

Well, that was the thought that i would have liked to raise a toast to. And then, the missus popped a question. ‘Are you sure ?’ Those are tense moments. Its like asking a ransom caller, if he dialled the right number !

‘Perhaps it is just that people have had enough of your writing and out of politeness suggest that you start a photo blog..’

Her voice trails off.

This post ends right here i say !

12 thoughts on “A dilettante rants

  1. Aleta says:

    Well, I for one, thoroughly enjoy your blog! And my gosh, the red hue in that picture ~ unbelievable!

  2. Priya says:

    ‘Perhaps it is just that people have had enough of your writing and out of politeness suggest that you start a photo blog..’

    — Your wife is pretty smart indeed..

  3. Zara says:


    Thats what life is . Thrilling highs, with a great coming down to earth in between. Keeps you in the balance. (Thats why your wife said what she did 🙂

    But we all look forward to your usual as well as photo blog….

  4. Jeevan says:

    Changes that often happen in sky, lovely pictures kavi! U can consider the photo blog too.

  5. sar! hahaha…ok what madam said might be true 😛

    but u can write 5 blogs and we will still read everyone one of them 🙂

  6. manuscrypts says:

    lol…the post ends, leaving behind a bitter half :p

  7. ashok says:

    photo blog!?! yes! yes! 🙂

  8. Pearl says:

    Your wife is a funny woman. 🙂

    But they ARE beautiful pictures!


  9. May be the clouds choose to perform in front of your balcony, dancing their way to your poetic tunes. Love at first sight, from either ends. 🙂

  10. HOBO says:

    1st pic
    Claps !!!

  11. Kavi says:

    Aleta : Thank you !! Well, sometimes nature has so many hues !!!

    Priya : You too ??? I accept the verdict ! 😉

    Zara : You are so kind !! Thank you ! The photo blog is coming.. !!

    Jeevan : yes sir ! The photo blog is indeed coming !

    GP : ‘Might be true’ !! I look no further !! 😉

    Manu : A bitter three quarters..actually !! 😉

    Ashok : yes sir ! on its way !

    Pearl : Thank you ! Will pass those comments on !

    Kamal : Thank You Sir !!

    Hobo : thank you !!

  12. Cris says:

    Where where? Where is that photo blog? And where is that missus, would like to shake hands with her and say bravo!

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