Pray tell me..

Clicked at the Old Airport – Bangalore

It was a early Bangalore morning. We were checking out of the old airport. And then this signboard was there. A gentleman who was alongside me, was clearly puzzled. His discomfiture was obvious. He was from Germany as it turned out. And when he read, auto-assistance, his imagination went to a automatic vending machine type of police force !!

It took me a while to help him understand that the auto in question was not ‘auto-maticIVRS type ‘If you find a thief press 1, if you find a hijacker press 2…’ monotone, but an auto that moves on three wheels !


Clicked at Dindigul

I found this at a railway junction at Dindigul. ‘Non Vegetarian Tea Stall’. Please help me understand better, the finer contours of what a non-vegetarian tea stall could sell. A tea stall being non-vegetarian, and that too at a railway station..well, first time for me !

clicked at Basavanagudi – Bangalore

I am not sure if the monsoon was raining water as much as it seems to be raining men !! Well, too much too soon i guess ! For all those who hopped ‘Mansoon to Mansoon‘ too soon, well they sure thought one did need a recharge with talk time !!

Well, well well..How much more real can it get ?!?


clicked new Cantonment Station – Bangalore

This was the cherry o n the plum. Pray tell me, what is drive in a zigzag manner ! I am willing to bet my index finger, that this is ‘a one and only’ road sign.

What say ?

7 thoughts on “Pray tell me..

  1. Jeevan says:

    I think this tea stall don’t use milk, so the n-veg! those are funny ads.

  2. Aleta says:

    LOL. Thoroughly enjoyed the signs. The Zig-Zag manner was priceless and unfortunately, I’ve seen it more than my fair share around these parts!

  3. Cris says:

    LOL this was real good! My personal favorite is Mansoon – they thought one had to be recharged with talk time! ROFL!!!

  4. Pearl says:

    India sounds like a confusing, charming, frustrating, magical place, Kavi. Your posts always make my head happy. 🙂


  5. I have always found it difficult to get tea or coffee in non-veg hotels. And that is generally the case, in the south. If ‘Non Vegetarian Tea-Stall’ is an USP and why not advertise.

    Is it really ‘Drive in a Zig Zag Manner’ or is it ‘Don’t Drive in a Zig Zag Manner’ and some miscreant has pasted paper over the ‘Don’t’.

  6. HOBO says:

    Nice observation.
    Claps Kavi Claps !!!

  7. Kavi says:

    Jeevan : Hmm !! 🙂

    Aleta : Thank you ! would love to hear more from you !

    Cris : Yes. Recharge !! When it rains especially !! 🙂

    Pearl : Thank You ! Yes. India fits into all of those adjectives. Both negatives and positives

    Babu : You have a point with ‘why not advertise’ ! But this was rather unique ! I havent seen it anywhere else !

    And that miscreant wasnt me. And drive or dont…zig zag beats me !

    Hobo : thank you !

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