Recession Romance !

So there is a recession. Or atleast a recession in the coming. I wonder how lives will change. Especially so after reading this.

For those readers whose sentiments are down, and who wouldnt want to read that piece, here are a few thoughts & ideas that caught my attention !

a. Recession would perhaps mean more people cheating in exams !
b. It would bring about a reduction in birth rates and an increase in suicide rates
c. Women omen selected to be Playboy Playmates of the Year look more mature !
d. Hemlines go down..

Now, these made me look up. And think about what else would change? I wonder if a recession would lead us to the following…

a. would hair lines recede ( & if so, by how much ). And would anybody care ?

b. Would waist lines change ? If people stay indoors that much longer, well, i would imagine so !

c. Would that mean love marriages blossom? And how about the Gay types ! ( I read somewhere, ‘when you are Gay, your choice set, compared to a straight person, doubles’ )

d. Will prices of apartments, tomatoes, newspapers et al…come down ? Will it be like the old times ? Can we get petrol for Rs.7 / – a litre ?

e. Would TV programming change ? Would we have re-runs ?

f. With every body throwing money into a safety vault of sorts, will elections be fought on counterfeit money ?

g. Would people just relax a little bit, take time off, wash their own cars, drive ways, stay home and read those books that they bought long time back, in the hope of reading it someday ?

h. Would there be lesser cars on the road and lesser carbon di oxide in the air, and more space for pedestrians ! Will bicycles stage a stellar comeback ?!

i. Will we fish less, farm less, eat right and just stay still ? Will all the still people, be nice to one another !

j. Will boys give reusable plastic roses to prospective girl friends ?

k. Would MBA schools have ‘Monopoly’ as part of economics curriculum ? Perhaps ‘scrabble’ would become the best game! Would ‘bailout’ be a seven letter abuse ? Perhaps replace the four letter swear words of the current day world ?

l. Would people get tired of depressing news and tune out of news channels. No advertisements. Would that put news channels out of business ? Ditto with radio jockeys too. And those honourable men and women in Bigg Boss too.

Suddenly the recession doesn’t seem to be all that bad. And before the bad mood affects the sentiments of the visiting public to this blog, my romancing of the recession, goes no further !

A fleeting thought comes up…can i ‘recede’ to being a little boy clinging to his father, as he drove that Vijay scooter ?

10 thoughts on “Recession Romance !

  1. Interesting thoughts. There is something to be said for getting back to basics, I’ve been pushing myself to do that since my kids were born. But it’s the collective fear and resentment that the author in your link is talking about that I fear from this resession. And I think he may have underestimated the “former middle class.” I think it reaches deeper into the middle class than he suggests. I think a great portion of the people in my generation (30-40s) who grew up middle class, will also find themselves in that category.

  2. Aleta says:

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That’s what your post reminded me of ~ that even in the darkness, there is always some light and if you can find it and hold on to it, then the journey is that much more precious and beautiful.

    I think the recession will bring people a little closer to the basics and that’s a good thing. Maybe a hard lesson to learn, but something that needs to be done.

  3. HOBO says:

    Recession is a HALT for our continuous running life-train.
    Lets rest till we continue…

  4. Carnic says:

    as usual interesting -but ur camera seems to have gone into a cold storage???

  5. cris says:

    lol that was a good list. You make it sound like a good thing, some of the points anyway seem a lot appealing. I particularly like g.

  6. Chandramoorthy says:

    Lets put it this way – there is nothing better which could have happened in this century !!!

    In fact this so called recession is creating opportunities for people to become Billioners around the world even as we are thinking about it…(Am sure you got am speaking about the reverse selling phenomenon)

    Kavi lets reverse think for a minute, if the world was moving in the same pace it galloped the last decade – all major GDP’s growing @ above 5% with some countries like India @ 9% – what could we have left for the coming generations to experiment with – loads of so called hard earned money? The so called life threatening luxuries of modern day scientific comfort (Effect of my recent return from my first trip to the US)?

    I feel this recession is something which would provide opportunities for people like me to revisit the basics – spend time to think beyond…or atleast THINK – which we seldom do today…

    Just a thought…

  7. Kavi says:

    Strange Pilgram : Welcome here !! And what a wonderful way to start off your comments here..

    I would agree with you. It is the fear that impacts people and sentiment. And when that trust in the future is lost..what else is there..?

    Aleta : I havent heard of that..when life gives you lemons make a lemonade !! Thats going to be my credo for sometime to come !

    Hobo : You are very right !Lets pause..!! Whatsay 🙂

    Carnic : i guess the camera echoes the sentiment. the pics perhaps are at a recession !!

    Cris : Ah ! That ‘g’ ! That indeed is a critical point..!! Thank You !

    Chandra : Your US visit is doing strange things to you ! And yes, if it forces all of us to slow down and think..nothing like it !

  8. At the cost of being labelled cynical, it occurs to me , that like everything else we avidly copy, that bears the label “western”, “being layed off” is also something folks will have to get used to. Maybe an unusually fast rise needs something like this to keep the balance….while someone like my household help has to struggle so much to earn, that for her this is nothing new; but there are always jobs available there……

  9. Jeevan says:

    Interesting will be our life at recession. good thinking there.

  10. nsiyer says:

    Dear Kavi,

    Interesting headlines in your blog when you talk about ‘hemlines,hairlines and waistlines’.The first one seems interesting, and a nice thing to watch during recession.Probably with losing jobs, atleast one doesn’t lose sight.
    Seeing the light at the end of the tunnnel is a favourite pastime. What else can one do but hope and think that the aftermath of the recession would be great, and in the interregnum till it happens – just enjoy it.
    But I agree, this recession is a great leveller, and has taken us back to our moorings. We need to take this as a sabbatical and comprehend that fancy things just don’t work.

    Finally, your last line touched me. Let’s as human beings cling together and discover the lost touch.


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