Riders of the lost ark !

If you are struggling to figure out what in a safari’s name was that..well, i clicked that close to office. Not that i work in a zoo or anything like that. For some reason, there was this strange urge to clarify. Having done so, i move on.

In case you are still wondering where the hell the tiger is roaring from, well, that was the seat of a motorcycle. That idea beats the hell out of me. Would i ever want to paint a tiger’s gaping mouth on my seat and sit on it ?!? What would you call that behaviour ? Sadist ? Masochist ? What !!!

That too, on a bike ? On the seat ? Phew ! Pray tell me, why would this biker ever do that ? I want to see this chap.

But hold on, i can think of a few plausible reasons…. Perhaps its just that the biker doesnt want any other person sitting on the seat, while the bike is parked !

Or is it to scare away the odd crow. What the hell ! With one last lingering look at the tiger, i walk away.

Perhaps this was a devious biker. And, this was a plan to attribute to the tiger, the odd natural noise that could straddle the space between the riders rear and the seat…Suddenly the tiger seems to beseech me to save him !

And this was clicked at Mahabaleshwar. ‘Don’ it says. And something to the effect of ‘catching the Don is not difficult, it is impossible’ !

I want to see the dude who did this to his seat ! If you want to call yourself a ‘Don’, you would do it to that part of the bike that would be visible when you drove ? Right ?!?

Or is this another chap who wants to proclaim to himself that when he rides the bike, he sits atop a Don !

Well, well, well…people. I knew the world had strange tastes. And i wonder what choicest adjectives the riders of these bikes ( and people with similar tastes) will have for me, if at all they read this post.

In all sincerity, i remind myself that i must have a wider perspective. An inclusive mindset. And a temperment that seeks out and revels in diversity.

And then i think of the tiger and the Don. Call me what you will, an image of a roaring tiger (or a mafia dude) under my rear, (given the condition of our roads) is sure prone to get me uncomfortable !

13 thoughts on “Riders of the lost ark !

  1. Forget the wild graphics and words on the seats. I am so traumatized by the wild , indisciplined, race-type motorcycle driving on the road surrounding our lake, particularly in the evening rush hour, (when I get off the bus and walk to avoid the traffic jam) , that I am seriously thinking of moving around with a graphic of a cop, or better still, maybe a crocodile on my back, to shock the bikers into a stop….

  2. GuNs says:

    Hii there,

    I’m back to India and back to blogging. I missed blogville quite a bit all this while. I’ve continued my journey in Italy with a new post. I hope to blog regularly again from now.


  3. manuscrypts says:

    the seat cover location reminded me of the Don spoof i saw, starring rajni (dupe) where he kept saying ‘don ka pakdna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai’ and the director asked after a zillion takes, ‘rajni sir, why are you making it adult movie sir?’

  4. I prefer my bike to be as clean and original as possible. Only modification that I have done is the handle bar for riding comfort and yeah, it does enhance the look of my bull!

  5. Jeevan says:

    Seat safari! Something wild to share.

  6. Pearl says:

    Kavi, you are right, sir! If you must customize your bike, why in the world would you do it to the seat? That’s what the gas tank is for!

  7. nsiyer says:

    Dear Kavi,
    Where on earth do you spot such things?And that too things that are supposed to below peoples’ back.Take care.

    Jokes apart, the thing that appeared to me after seeing the tiger on the seat is “When you ride on a tiger, you need to continue to ride on its back. The moment you get down, the tiger will devour you”.


  8. Anil P says:

    Talk of building personnas through seats of bikes 🙂 Those are nice pictures.

  9. HOBO says:

    I am smiling…

  10. The owner of the motorcycle seems to have tried to interprete the phrase ‘riding a tiger’ quite literally! Wishing Good luck to him for taming the tiger and good luck to we pedestrians who do not wish to be the tiger’s victims!

  11. Swatantra says:


    I really liked both the ideas, it is so creative specially the tiger one!

    You are amazing as always in catching the unusual things! Keep it UP!

  12. Kavi says:

    Ugich Konitari : That would be taking a leaf of thier own book. A tiger graphic in your back, can sure freeze the tiger in their seat !!!

    Guns : welcome back..happy to connect !

    Manu : why do you bring the most venerabale his holiness into this picture !! He would shoot once and split the bullet into fragments and blow all the Dons of the world to smithereens !

    Babu : What will the owner of the bike with a tiger in the seat call you…a fake ?!?

    My bike is without one additional sticker too ! And the housing complex where i live in..insisted that i had to have a sticker on it..and i have now an idea…!

    Pearl : ah the gas tank ! Yes ! Perhaps the tiger doesnt like to be on a gas tank !!


    Iyer sir..: 🙂

    I spotted the tiger when the backs were off them. just clarifying !!

    Thanks for writing !

    Anil : Welcome here..and personna building sure is a reason that did cross me !! But the seat…well that did not quite connect

    Hobo : 🙂

    Vivek Patwardhan : Sir, fortune favours the brave they say. I guess we pedestrians must soldier on !! As long as the tigers dont get too excited, the roads will remain the same !

    Swatatantra : Thanks !!!

  13. Cris says:

    Err well to be honest this is not a strange deal. Have you checked chair covers, or cushion covers, or sofa covers, or any other covers. I have seen tigers with mouths open, lions ready to jump at you, all kinds of them on seat covers -well stationary seats.

    So I dont think people are always trying to say some thing, they prolly did it cause they felt it looked good for some reason, maybe they liked the design. But then it could be cause they were daring or wanted to show they were different – would you have clicked these pics if they were poor old black seats? Nope its attention-catchy and thats reason enough for some 🙂

    I would have if I had a bike – hmm well not a tiger maybe but a top-cat would be great. Ahem.

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