We Will Get You

So you had another swipe at us again. Like you did some months ago. And some years ago. Like you did at some other place. Ok.

But lest you rejoice that you won, i just wanted to write and say, we’ll get you. I may be a little perturbed today. My fingers sport a slight tremor as i type this. & the soul reeks of anger like a broken perfume battle. Images on TV are indeed depressing. But make no mistake, we’ll get you.

Three police officers & many innocents lost their lives. They fought you & in their life time, got many of you. And there are many others who still will fight on. The might of our nation resides in the glory of our history and the possibilities for our future. We will not let those possibilities be still born. Mark my words, we’ll get you.

Our politicians are infirm. They are out to exploit every crevice to establish a valley. And you have thrived by opening new crevices and fronts. But for the man on the street, the one who gives a day long toil a hard sinew, these crevices dont matter. And with the strength of that twisting sinew & noble thought of the men, women and children on the street, i promise you : we’ll get you.

For long now, we have remained silent. Our ministers spoke the same speeches with different suits. Enough. Enough. Its time to stop all of this. And dont even hesitate to think, ‘if’ we will get you. We sure will.

You may wonder where i get such confidence from, when you have struck with impunity.

My confidence stems from what we have inside us. The strength of our spirit, the resilience of our soul, the grit of our grip and of course, the blood that has dripped by on the floor, all far easily outweigh the combined might of all strings of bullets and the stream of bombs that you can muster.

We will get you.

PS : I have been dwarfed by the depth of concern and voices of support from the world over. Friends, relatives, people who just passed by this blog and of course fellow bloggers, who i havent met at all. The phone has been constantly ringing or beeping. The mail box shows ‘new mail’ almost as a permanent addition. Thank You !

For an inconsequential chap like me, this is overwhelming enough. It seems to me that the weight of the world, measured in gold backs us up. That to me is the strength of the spirit.

I can almost hear the keyboard cringe in pain, as i key in each alphabet with emphasis and force :

‘We Will Get You’.

12 thoughts on “We Will Get You

  1. Ganesh says:


    Totally agree with you. I have full confidence in the famed resilience and the indomitable fighting spirit of the Indian common man to rise against injustice and tyranny. We have it ingrained in us over centuries of the same happening again and again.

    Sad part is people never learn from history. They believe that they have invented terror and try to subjugate the common people with it. It has been proven again and again that such power eventually topples and topples very badly.

    I’m a proud Indian and have belief in my fellow country men to rise above this tragedy.

  2. manju says:

    Yes, we can certainly get them. If we work together.

    We just have to remember not to be misled by the politicians who on occasion side with the terrorists for personal gain.

  3. Jeevan says:

    We should get them kavi.

    we can try to understand your all situations and it shocks severely us. we pray the left over innocence returned safely.

  4. Well said Kavi….

    Yes we will get you!!!

  5. its high time Kavi. I cant believe what im seeing on tv. 6 hours after the events, people are walking in front of the hotels and no sight of a security barricade,security forces etc. I was seeing only fireman putting out the flames. what the hell is happening. its time the government take a solid stance, i cant see my India like this, we are not cowards. we will see this happen, we will get them.

    god bless all who gave their lives for this nation. god bless who went away too soon.

  6. Prithivi says:

    Such Clarity of thought … i can imagine what this much clarity from 18 million people can do ….
    PS: super glad that you are keeping well …
    PPS: i m just another passing blogger … nothing .. not even a smallest spec is insignificant…

  7. Priya says:

    Its very sad and totally unbelievable. Watching TV and seeing whatz happening, its the innocent victims killed everywhere and wonder why this has happened. I saw a msg’ where someone said, these people came by boat. Wonder what the navvy does at the waters not patrolling…

  8. nsiyer says:

    Salutations Kavi!

    Yes, we will and we can. ‘How’, is the question? Can we garner support from outside and with the support of all those who visit this blog – create an institution which in our own unique way can fight this menace?

    I have put some of my thoughts on my blog , but we all need to work together.

    Else, I atleast will feel impotent, and the mirror will be difficult to look at.

  9. Pearl says:

    Hi, Kavi.
    I am working my way back in time… It is now Thursday night in Minneapolis, and because of Thanksgiving festivities I have, only 30 minutes ago, learned of the terrible situations in Mumbai.

    I have left other comments, but I just wanted to tell you how right you are, how strong and clear your words, and how I admire the determination in your voice.


    And for my part, I agree with everything I have: We will get you.

    Your friend, from WAY OVER THERE,


  10. Veens says:

    coming from GP’s blog. I hope you are safe.

    We will get them and kill them. I know for sure, even the one’s who don’t have freaking guts to come out in the open and fight.

  11. Kavi,

    I can understand your feelings. You have put your thoughts very well. Sorry to hear about this. I am still shocked. My heart goes to those who were killed and those who sacrificed their lives saving others. I could only say these to those who tried to disintegrate the society “You will never win.”

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