Whats with glasses ?

Picture of Kim Jong II from the web

It is time to change my glasses. Its been years. My glasses have seen all the sights that i have. From the plains of Madurai to the peaks and valleys of Mahabaleshwar. The chill of the Bangalore air and the seething summer heat of Delhi. The coasts of the Arabian Sea to the Bay Of Bengal. My glasses of seen it all. ( Other sights, tears, laughter, and insightful moments are not getting mentioned)). Somehow, sticking to geography seeks to override all else !

So, this discussion on the glasses was at the dinner table. This is a style statement. A friend said. Its a style accessory another cooed. It gives you a certain image…a certain personality, said a dear friend with glasses that were flown in from Kolkatta. Please don’t ask me why. I don’t know.

As the conversation rolled on, snide remarks on how i was going blind cropped up. And then, out of nowhere came a comment : ‘Reconsider glasses. Obama doesn’t wear one’.

That was the inflection point. And as the discussion on the dinner table raged on, my mind wandered to world leaders who wore glasses. And i couldn’t get many. And the list that was coming to my mind didn’t exactly swell my chest.

a. Kim Jong – II ( North Korea )
b. Hun Sen ( Cambodia )
c. Manmohan Singh ( India )
d. Robert Mugabe ( Zimbabwe )
e. Asif Ali Zardari ( Pakistan )
f. Dick Cheney ( Vice President of USA )

And of course Sarah Palin ( Attempted Vice President of USA )

There, am sure, and HOPE, that there are other heads with glasses on ! But this list somehow does get me hurtling towards discomfort. If some historian and an avid blogger with imagination and time at his hands were to do some mapping in the centuries to come, where would it leave me, i wonder !!

That leads me upto this door.

Do all world leaders have clear vision ? Can they see well ? Why dont people wear glasses ? Are you thinking that they perhaps have crystal clear vision ? For instance, can George Bush see ? His dad used to wear glasses. But he doesn’t. Hmm !

I wonder if we can fix the problems of the world by just administering the correct prescription for the eye to all our world leaders ! After all, vision is important !

There seems to be a whole lot of need. For good vision !

As for me, i would be trudging to the eye wear store soon. My problems are more plebeian. I just need to see clearly when i read…

A post gave me a whole deal of comfort. Its all going to be in the other persons mind i tell myself. ‘they both wear glasses. which one do i vote for?’ caught my attention!! Do Read it here.

So i trudge along to the eyewear store. Berating myself to stop making Kilimanjaros out of mud heaps.

And as i trudge along, i think of the others that wear glasses, in addition to that list above. Raj Udhav & Bal Thackery, Karunanidhi i think. I shake my head, as my confidence starts to slip. Again

I try a new trick to get my mind to give me some other name and some additional confidence too : ‘Think International’, i tell myself.

And then, my mind says :Donald Rumsfeld.

My purchase decision has been postponed for now.

6 thoughts on “Whats with glasses ?

  1. Neelakantan says:

    Bill Gates, Steve Jobs…

  2. Cris says:

    Mm there are these things called contact lenses. And then there is something like a laser treatment. Last heard, people who opted for either of these managed without specs and with vision :-).

    Well I think glasses go with some people and I have always felt them look great for men but awful for women. Take Sarah Palin for instance. She’d sure look a lot more stunning without them but I have a sneaking suspicion she dawned it for setting a political I-am-not-the-dumb-n-pretty-person impression – totally wasted cause glasses dont answer your interviews.

  3. Pearl says:

    Do not be fooled, my friend! Correct vision is the goal, and how one gets there is not terribly important. Contacts, glasses? Whatever. I wouldn’t go for lasik only because surgery done unnecessarily seems to be a risk for no good reason.


  4. Kavi says:

    Neelakantan : I agree ! My wonder was that why most world leaders ( politicians in power and otherwise) dont wear glasses ! Whilst those in business have no pangs about the same !

    Cris : Of course these folks were contacts or perhaps even surgery. But why not good old glasses !!

    Pearl : Yes !! Yes !! Vision is the essence. Means is not as important as the end !

  5. Braja says:

    Love the non vegetarian tea stall. Possibly just means there’s ants in the sugar 🙂
    Loved your comment about mansoon, raining men…very witty, Kavi, very witty…I’m going to have to watch you closely …. 🙂

  6. Braja says:

    And that photo reminded me of Thunderbirds. You’re really going to have to check them out before purchasing. That’s my final word.

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