My own audacity of hope !

We too, in the apartment complex where we live in, lit a candle in the memory of all those who lost their lives in 26/11. Every neighbourhood worth its square feet rate has done some kind of protest. A peace march. Or some candles lit.

And a minute of silence. In our case it was two. Etc.

When the notice board bore this message, a mixed emotion prevailed in me ! Of both relief that we live in some kind of a ‘Housing Society’ and a groan that it would be the some candles being lit and chatter about the plumbing system needing overhauling.

In the mood for some action, [Concrete Action ], as against Symbolic rituals, as i have been telling friends and whoever who has cared to listen / read. i reluctantly did go. Lit a candle. Said a prayer. And clicked some snaps and here they are.

Honestly, it wasn’t all that bad.

Well, uncles and aunties chatted up. About the plumber, the electrician and the builder. About the economy, jobs and the share market. About bad gym equipment , paint schemes and the like. The children played. Ran around. And some stuck to their parents.

All this, until it was time to light the candles. That was when everybody went ultra quiet. There was some kind of an indescribable collective energy at that point.

Post the program as people were moving away, i was privy to some conversations. Just as they were happening aside, and my alert ears caught parts of them. Three are here.

A young boy asked his mom, in all his innocence and babble, ‘ will they be afraid of all of these candles and stop coming here’, well, the mother had to answer him.

And an old man walked past me, he said with a quiver in his voice, ‘we must not stop with this’. And the young man walking alongside asked, ‘So what do you think we should do?’ I couldn’t hear the answer. But i guess he had to answer him.

And there was this kid, with ‘GI Joe’ written on his T-shirt walk up to his dad, and ask, ‘can i join the Indian army’. I guess the dad had some answers to give.

So, in that silence, punctuated by children playing in a far background, it seemed to me like the thoughts were with what happened to us a week back.

In some time, people started leaving, the candles were flickering away to their ends. I lingered around , wandering about & hoping that our seeking answers and change didn’t stop with lighting a candle and saying a prayer. We need collective strong, steady, pragmatic action. Far beyond lighting a candle and saying a prayer.

And in that collective energy tonight, i think, i saw hope. That somewhere our future will be better than the flicker of the lonely candles.

‘What audacity’ you think ?!? Hmm !

So did i.

12 thoughts on “My own audacity of hope !

  1. Hope our politicians have some answers. Nice post.

  2. god bless. candles will one day change lives. lets inspire the young, let them live a better future.

    i agree, this positive energy will culminate into a better future.

    we will work for it.

    and i loved ur description and narration as always 🙂

    my lone candle,
    burns bright even in winds
    it has the souls of fighters and aspiration of millions.

  3. rajk says:

    I would’ve been as skeptical as you were in the beginning, but all those questions give me hope too! Nice the whole feel of it.

  4. Braja says:

    Beautiful post Kavi…very touching.

  5. Lovely Kavi! Beautiful words!So how is Mumbai now?

    Take care & God bless you!


  6. nsiyer says:


    On all of us depends tomorrow.Let the radiance of the candles illuminate our thoughts.
    Your photos are amazing, and the word ‘amazing’ has become conjunct with you.

  7. Kavi says:

    Babu : Thank You ! Hope they have ! But thats too audacious a hope i think ! Its time to provide answers !

    GP : Thank you ! Wondeful lines !!

    RajK : Thank You I hope the questions generate answers too !

    Braja : Thank You !!!

    Rashmi : Thank You !! How have you been ? ow is Bangalore treating you ?

    Iyer Sir ! Thank You ! You are a very kind man !!

  8. Parton Words says:

    You have moved me with your words Kavi. I’m so impressed by the way that you, personally have dealt with this great tragedy. My thoughts go out to you and that this had to happen in your neighbourhood.

    Hang on in there and keep looking up.


  9. Cris says:

    I never thought about peace marches until SRK appeared on TV and started saying why he wouldnt attend one. But when I read what you have written, it somehow seems to bring about a togetherness – even if the cause may mean nothing (no action as you say) that kind of togetherness was important… I hope it does something.. like what I hear happened in Parliament today

  10. Parton Words says:

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  11. Anonymous says:

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  12. Anonymous says:

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